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  1. The user is able to add additional magazines and books to the document. I am just posting updates to new items found so you can add them. See edits for future updates.
  2. .:Edit:. Last post to XBA. The FINAL Update, and need I say, highly organized version of the collections for Fallout compared to the Road-map since the object is apparently to be the first to post instead of collaborate and help each other create something to better the community. Enjoy the Excel for those of you who are perfectionists. Enjoy Fallout 4 to the fullest. Original Post-Hey everyone so I am a little OCD and created an excel sheet for Fallout 4, as I did with Fallout 3. In general it'll give you a way to track your character plan what resources you have and even track your progress with legendary enemies, weapons, armor, power armor, robot kits, overdue books, and pretty much everything I can think of. Please give me some feedback as I would like to update throughout our game play. I understand there is missing information as not everything has been located be myself or others as I have scoured the internet. All shout outs have been made on the spreadsheet. Thanks and happy wastelanding. -PoPs
  3. Great Job. I wrote a guide but then was directed here by staff. I would like to update your snaretastic that while it states one session I successfully completed it over two (2) different sessions, as I for some reason couldn't get 10 in a single game. I also suggest for Plant Perfect playing Driftwood Hills as there are only two ways for the zombies to attack the first base as long as you have plenty of chompers and peashooters with at least two cacti you should be fine. For the super boss I believe crazy mode forces you to have a super-boss at round 10 so potentially a double unlock for those who have not yet obtained it. I have played four (4) rounds and gotten a super every time. Cheers for beating me at posting your guide extremely well written.
  4. Finally helped a friend out a really needed this refresher great work!
  5. I've noticed since the update that each page scrolls incredibly slowly and/or freezes. Its the only site that does it and I'm on a new alienware and have a 60 connection. Ideas
  6. First off love this site. The new format looks good, minus some tweaks still needed with Xbox one pictures and filtering. As I was researching the forums I became very lazy and decided to post, possibly again, about the colors used in the site. :uzi:White is very difficult to read and follow the rows across while looking at the checklists and forums. Ideas or options? Possibly in the settings like the proposed change for filtering. Thanks guys. Keep up the excellent work.
  7. Hopefully the AI won't have scout vision this time whereas their AKs are as accurate at distance as my sniper, and of course they have automatic capabilities. I'd Like to see more stealth.
  8. Why does my counter only work when I post in a forum setting (granted it is a forum counter)? Why doesn't it count all of the other misc. posts that I happen to write on such as game reviews and actual achievements themselves. I've always found it difficult to nav. forums but when the thing I want to talk about is on the home page I'll def. post about it. Just curious is all. I saw my forum counter is at five (5) posts and I thought to myself, "I've posted way more than that." It would be nice to have those count to my 100 so I can join the 1000 club and individual game leaderboards. Thanks for the insight! -K
  9. Archi0310

    Diablo III

    Disappointed. Honestly just likke Yahtzee says. There are a lot of damn pants! Its just not as interactive as I would have liked it. 4 butons worth of spells/ talents. I expected way more. Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough into the game though.
  10. Seriously those OLD Tony Hawk games. Not the new garabge where you have to stand on a board and try to do tricks. Why must I always not to be physically active to play a game. I lift people all day long.
  11. Was anybody else as disappointed with the usage of the Kinect in Ghost Recon as I was? I mean ooo you can spin the gun. We couldn't I direct me teammates like in socom?
  12. Why won't my achievement guide update with my saves? When I click a checkbox and select save the guide reverts back to as if I didn't select anything. This is the only guide that does that.
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