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  1. wild dog


    Im exactly the same, think im like 95 or something. I love this game so much and tbh ive had enough bullshit. There are better games now available as well as the x1 or ps4. Overkill pretty much shot themselves in the foot but they prob dont care as they got our money. Ill prob trade it in now and get the pc version in a steam sale at chistmas or something. God help us if they port it to next gen The main issue I honestly think with this game was David Goldfarb. He is constantly changing things and wont stop. Yes that is a good thing but he needs to slow down. Instead of making new masks or adding a new tier (for pc) he needs to focus on more important things. Like glitches and server issues. Apparently he has totally ruined the mastermind class making it pointless and altered alot of the guns... Fix gameplay issues before you alter it! If he keeps changing stuff no wonder the consoles weren't able to keep up, now there is too much to patch... I give up
  2. Ive had xbox live gold for 8+ years and have a score of 125,000 and didnt get an email about any of this. So that cant be correct
  3. wild dog


    I just want my Richard Nixon mask again
  4. wild dog


    Well its safe to say all console players have officially been fucked, pc players get the dlc today... Wtf! https://twitter.com/locust9/status/400625106377904129 As i keep saying they pulled this shit with payday 1, then they said pc and console gamers would be on par with updates... My fucking ass! Bet we now dont get the dlc till 2014 why cant they stop with all the pc updates and focus on getting the console versions sorted?!? Just cos they can patch the pc version straight away it seems to be priority 1 and all they care about, then when we ask about it all we get is bullshit saying its in QA. If they cared atall they would have submitted it ages ago, but no they would rather patch the pc cos it easier wtf. Sorry for the rant lol
  5. The very last playlist called moshpit (I think) is what you need to be playing, as it has been made only for Free Fall map owners. Itll come up everytime on the vote screen.
  6. Easiest way I find is if you all take sentry guns and max them out. Then just before you arm the nuke, run back to where the 1st crystal blockade will be (inbetween town and cabin) and put sentry guns down. Then arm the nuke and when you get to that 1st blockade (crystal) the sentry guns will destroy the rhinos charging down towards you. Then when you are in the town run and put down sentry guns as quick as you can. Then just run like a biatch to the helicopter
  7. The game does crash alot for me, aswell as that constant saw noise. Remember we are still kinda in a beta state but when the update is out hopefully these issues will be resolved.
  8. wild dog


    They have now revealed day 3... You can gamble offshore account money for infamous items and you get 33% extra xp this weekend! Utter bullshit cos that would help towards getting to level 100. Imo what they need to do is once they have done about 10 pc patches they should stop and focus on console patches. That way we are all up to date and are being treated fairly. Then while the console patches are being tested, they can start working on pc updates again. Atleast we have a bit of confirmation that the update will be out under 3 weeks.
  9. wild dog

    Skill Trees

    You cant max all trees, due to points needed. Dont think you can even max out 1 yet but you will be able to max a skill tree when the dlc is out as they are increasing the lvl cap to 145.
  10. wild dog


    Anyone notice the day 2 celebrations? Pc players will get a free bear mask if the join the steam group and play the game. I bet consoles never get it! and i can also guarantee that if pc gets a halloween update, we wont get that either. Its really sad to think about it. Funny thing is Payday 1 was released on ps3 before pc and it still got harldy anything. They said before release that Payday 2 console and pc versions would be in sync with updates, looks like they have just said that to push sales.
  11. wild dog


    They will prob release a massive update when the dlc comes out (whenever that is) just to avoid cost. But the annoying thing is the game is now becoming soooo boring, i love this game but playing the same missions over and over, and all you can do is go for masks when you have everythin else. I hope they announce dlc or something soon.
  12. wild dog


    I mentioned this in another update thread here - http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=532354 They did exactly the same thing with payday 1 on the ps3, pc got load of updates (masks etc) and the ps3 version got 2 updates. One for some masks and the other for the dlc. So don't get your hopes up as we will prob be waiting a very long time, they will keep fixing pc issues as they seem to be releasing updates alot but think about it this way are they really going to release a console update knowing that they will release a newer version on pc within a week? Its a pain but they need to take console games into consideration instead of giving excuses that they are working on it... But they prob arent, they are prob fixing pc stuff. Thats for xbox live arcade games only, they still charge developers that are not microsoft associates for updates. Which is shit!
  13. What I would do is as said above, respec all your skill trees so you get all your skill points back, then buy everything you need for man of iron, then respec again and buy all your skills back. I have not cleared my progress but in payday 1 it wiped everything putting you back to a lvl 1 with nothing, so I wouldn't do that as it'll be a waste. Best just use respec
  14. Thank you so much! I got it first try, also got away with a total of 25 bags! giving me 3.4 million cash for the heist
  15. Thing is though out of all the times I've done Rats on pro-kill, I've never got 90k, max I've had before was about 40k, so that why I'm kinda confused, but yeah the rushing technique does work out better.
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