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  1. Im a Hunter/Ranger and am working on Leatherworking. I am currently level 11 but I only have the tools you can buy in the marketplace, which are the lowest quality and even though I have four of them I have not received the option to upgrade them. Do you happen to know at what level this option becomes available?
  2. How exactly do I increase the quality of my tools? I only have access to the crappy ones you buy from the merchant at the enclave and I have never seen an option to upgrade them like you can for your assets. Is the only way to get them through buying packs with zen?
  3. I started a new character and have since completed 23 Incursions and bought one supply crate and have not been "Lucky".
  4. I submitted a ticket in game and also on the Bug forum, but I doubt anything will be done as I have not seen anyone else reporting this bug. I actually think it is a result of me being kicked offline or my xbox freezing just as Incursions completed. It happened to me three times right before I noticed I had completed the pursuit. Hopefully I can get it with my second character.
  5. I have not even seen a San Francisco Incursion yet and I play everday during late afternoon and late night for several hours.
  6. This achievment is glitched. I have completed 16 Incursions and last night I checked my pursuits and it shows the Lucky Kitty pursuit unlocked. I even equipped the Lucky Kitty title, however the achievment has not unlocked.
  7. I really have to laugh at all "this". Being a veteran of gaming and going through multiple generations of systems this is exactly what I expected. Every new system goes through growing pains and just as others have already mentioned, and know, its going to take a good year before everything is settled and consumers are used to the new product. It is exactly for this reason that I have not purchased a next gen console yet. I am still enjoying all that my 360 has to offer without having to be frustrated with the problems, bugs, lack of games, ect. from the xbox one. By next holiday season it will be on like Donkey Kong.
  8. Now we can talk, or rather other people can as im not going to spoil it for myself, yet...
  9. Who says its an exploit, maybe thats what the developers wanted us to do , that is if you are talking about running back to the fog wall.
  10. I cant help you with your questions because I stopped playing this game early on when it was clear it was nothing like the first. I can tell you that their are three DLC's, so not all were cancelled.
  11. I wouldn't say the game is difficult, thats a poor verb to describe Dark Souls. A better word is challenging and as with any challenge once you overcome it you are rewarded and oh how sweet it is to complete this game.
  12. I suggest you play the game through to its ending, then play through again on true vault hunter mode, and then play a third playthrough on ultimate vault hunter mode. Then play the DLC's on Ultimate Vault Hunter to get the highest level loot on the DLC's.
  13. 5. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 4. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 3. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 2. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 1. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
  14. 10. Fallout 3 I love huge open world RPG's that seem to last forever, and with five DLC's I know I put in over 400 hours of gameplay. After playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion it was nice to shoot things, especially using V.A.T.S. 9. Dragon Age: Origins If you played the Baldures Gates games on PC then you will like this games system of combat. Some said it was dated, but I enjoyed the familiarity. The world, its lore and the story put a new twist on several familiar fantasy ideas. Their are also several books that go deeper into events from the game that I highly recommend. 8. Gears of War Trilogy Perfect, no. Extremely fun to play, yes. This series evolved from beginning to end and only got better and better. I met many of my current friends playing Horde from Gears 2, which set a new standard in Co-Op play with other developers quickly adding their own versions of horde to their games. 7. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim I played Daggerfall on PC, then Morrowind on Xbox so of course im going to continue my journey. Well over 1000 hours were spent on these two games. My only complaint is that everything is laid out for the player. Quest markers lead you to everything and leave little to the imagination. Daggerfall and Morrowind made you figure out and find everything on your own with minimal assistance. 6. CoD 4: Modern Warefare Prior to playing this, my only other MP experience was Gears of War, which is an entirely different shooter. WOW is all I can say. My son and I played this game every day earning prestige upon prestige. I only got to 8, but my son went to 10. I still like this game over all other CoD titles. 5. Vanquish This game is pure action, dont expect any story or dialogue because their isnt much of either and what is their is crap. I dont think their are many, if any other games that can match the pace of Vanquish. The boss fight at the end is crazy and then the 6 challenge stages are even crazier. I still cannot beat challenge 5 and even if I do I doubt I can beat the last one. Watch out for the Bogey's! This game is truely a gem, and you can get it cheap. 4. Bioshock This is truely an awsome game, which is why it received high praise and deservedly so. The story, the backdrop, the lore, the combat mechanics, the artwork/visuals were all top notch. This game was extremely well polished when it released. If you missed this game get it and play it. 3. Mass Effect Trilogy Move over Star Trek, Star Wars, and any other space faring science fiction games because ME is a bigger and better modern science fiction universe. As with Gears of War this series evolved with each game and became even better. I worried about the installment of Co-Op MP, but it quickly won me over and me and my friends played the hell out of it for months and months. 2. Darksouls Initially I was put off by the reports that this game was extremely difficult and frustrating. I dont like being frustrated constantly while im supposed to be having fun. A good friend of mine felt the same way until a mutual friend got him to play and then they got me to play. Guess what? This game is awsome! I did three playthroughs and had to pull myself away from the game. I simply have too many other games to play to keep playing but the appeal is there. If you have tried this game and struggled, dont give up. I truely suggest playing with someone who already knows the game for your first playthrough so they can help guide you until you learn the ropes. This is an extremely rewarding game. 1. Borderlands2 I am a huge Co-Op MP fan and this game provided me and about 14 friends with hundreds of hours. I played all 6 characters through Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, thats 18 total playthroughs, not to mention all the extra playthroughs with various friends and their characters. This game is hilarious and has easter eggs for everything. The DLC is fantastic and well worth the money. Shit typing this is making me want to go and play it some more.
  15. The game is uncommon, but due to its high volume of purchase and return one will show up eventually. Just check back every week or so. This is also why its price is above what it should be, stores know its a high volume item so they gouge us.
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