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  1. GL : Amoureux1412 Can't find a way to add friend because the GL live is too zoomed on my page and I can't see anything (Had to buy order & chaos to create an account ...)
  2. For 100% you need : - Defense of Crete Booster Pack - Pro Persian Civilization - Premium Greek Civilization Pack - Premium Egyptian Civilization Pack - Skirmish Booster Pack - Premium Celt Civilization
  3. Worked like a charm. It was the best method I tested. Don't do just like me : Don't use the jackanism in the room with the boss. Even if he's downstairs, he'll be killed ...
  4. You don't even need to cheat on the last boss. I got the achievement just as I entered his room.
  5. You can count with me. I'm installing it now. GT : Amoureux 1412
  6. I'd like to do the multiplayer achievements 2 players (and maybe 8 I hope). If someone want to boost, you can contact me. GT : Amoureux 1412
  7. Hello. I'm from Belgium (GMT+2 time) and I'd like to do the last 2 achievements I need on this game (win disintegration game and power monger game). People are playing only team disintegration. I can help in return of course.
  8. For the bonecleaver second battle here is a very easy way to beat him. It seems during the YYY sequence just after throwing him a weapon, we evade the bolas. Just beated him without being hurt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JenCEd8Gv_U
  9. Hello. I need to boost still 25 wins for Pillage and Slaughter on the DLC so I'll have the 50 wins the same way. If anyone could help. Thanks.
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