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  1. I understand that, but what I am asking is whether the 2000 point bonus for completing a challenge becomes a flat addition to every subsequent kill/stun score achieved. Otherwise you get one chance and one chance only to do the challenges and get the points for them.
  2. Good to know. The reason I ask however is I failed FOB Spectre on Veteran, but completed 4 challenges and thus had well over the 10k needed. Thus if someone is having a problem getting to 10k it would be easy to get challenges on recruit, then fail on Veteran for the 5k bonus (along with the previous challenge score if I am correct about how it works). Can anyone confirm this?
  3. So you need to get 10k on all missions. You get 5k for playing on Veteran. These missions are extremely challenging on Veteran. However, you get 2k/challenge. What I would like to know is if anyone knows if this 2k is added to your score on every subsequent playthrough (that is, if you completed 5 challenges and somehow failed the mission immediately, would you still have a score of 10k and thus your score is Score + (Challenges Completed * 2000)? I ask as I would like to run through them on recruit to quickly grab the level cheevos and some challenges, but do not want to have to play through them on Veteran since I screwed myself out of challenge bonuses, having already grabbed them on recruit. Anyone know?
  4. Thanks, I'll wait there. I am holding off the final mission until I pop this. Very frustrating.
  5. I have been trying for hours to find a damned courier - is there a community-agreed solution to finding them/getting them to spawn? Also, do they appear in the post-game - I would like to know before I go ahead and finish the main story. Thanks!
  6. I am assuming you are talking about the sentry tower at the beginning of the level. If you move onto the cliff/rock pile directly beside it, you can blink over the walkway railing when its 'back' is turned to you with Lvl 2 blink. With Lvl 1 blink it is still possible, but you have to blink as close as possible and hammer 'A' to pull yourself over. You need to be right on the edge of the finger of rock that extends towards the tower.
  7. Hello, The roadmap states that you need to entice an enemy to shoot, stop time and possess him, then move him in front of the bullet. I have tried this many times and I can never get it to work - even when I stop time immediately upon hearing the shot, I can never position the enemy in front of the bullet. It is very frustrating. It also states that you can do the same with the grenade (which makes sense), which also gives you 'Back Home'. I just cannot ever find any enemies that throw grenades - Watch Guards just slash and pick up rocks to throw and Watch Officers just slash or shoot you. Is there a specific enemy/level where they throw grenades? Failing that, does anyone know any other ways to induce suicide? Possession and walking into water, perhaps? Thanks in Advance.
  8. Quick update-I tested this on my dummy account, and it would not unlock for me until I had popped an achievement in BS: Midway. This appears to directly contradict Creech's guide which stated that you needed only a save game in order to pop this achievement. Does anyone know anything that could help me not have to complete Midway in order to complete this game? Thanks in Advance.
  9. I have been reading the other threads concerning 'Hero of Midway' here, all of which state that you can have 0/1000 on Midway, as long as you have a save file. Upon selecting the hard drive after pressing start in BSP, this is supposed to pop. I cannot seem to get it to pop. I have a save file on the memory device with the first mission in Midway completed, but it still will not pop. Could someone who has obtained this while having 0/1000 on Midway give me a step-by-step list of what they did? I _really_ do not want to have to play Midway. Thanks in Advance. I am amazed this achievement got by MS...
  10. Mirroring what everyone else said, thanks for the help boosting this particular achievement in such a dead mp environment. I hope I helped some people too. Thanks again everyone!
  11. I think I got it working again, but its only a matter of time until it fails. Waht is the towel trick btw? I'm not turning it off until this is over. As was mentioned earlier, I think that once the game starts it takes like 5 min to get the achievement. I think I can hold out that long . It looks like this will be populated, possibly more than 8. If so, would I be able to get in on the 9:00 one? I ask only because I am trying to minimize the time it has to hold out. Thanks in advance (and pray for me )
  12. As to the aobve, sorry guys, I will not be able to make it. I was hoping my 360 would hold out, but it had been freezing lately and just RROD'd 5 minutes ago. Could that not have happened 4 hours from now? I hope you can find someone else to take my place, sorry again. I guess I'll wait for the next list to be made .
  13. Anyone interested in boosting, please sign up. I am setting up an online match. I need 7 other people who can COMMIT to Tuesday night the 28th. The guide says this only takes 5 minutes? We'll see. Please put your GT down on the list (just copy and paste the entire message). Let's shoot for 9 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday the 28th, and a second session at 10:30 PM Eastern, in case we don't get enough at 9 PM. If Tuesday night is no good, we can do WEDNESDAY as well if we still don't have it. In fact, I will be online ALL DAY WEDNESDAY if we don't get it Tuesday, so hit me up on WED as well as I have to return the game Wednesday night. Also, as you sign up, send a Friend Request to those also on the list, this will make it easier to find one another on Live on Tuesday night. Thanks! 1. Saluki 00 2. gambit1835 3. Walgreen Monkey 4. DisabledGamer 5. aussiestatic 6. CoolKidJoe 7. Chimaera36 8. I'm adding positions 9-12, because I want to see at LEAST 8 show up. If 12 show up, great, as far as I'm concerned, I'll do this 2x just to be sure we get it done w/ at LEAST 8 that is required for the ach. Thanks all. Please sign up and BE THERE. 9. PyroBob117 - (10:30 session. At work until then) 10. Shadow Kisuragi - (Wednesday Session) 11. 12. IF YOU SIGN UP, PLEASE BE THERE. I WANT TO GET THIS DONE. Wow this list is really coming along . Sending FR's now, see you all at 9 ET tonight! Be nice to get this one too, since I had given up all hope of getting 1000 due to the obviously nonexistant mp community for this.
  14. I picked up this game in the bargain bin and am also looking for this achievement. I'll be checking back in here a few times a day to see if someone is cooking up a list like the previous ones. My tag is my username, so if anyone needs an extra person to fill the roster, grab me.
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