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  1. just found sonic generations 3ds bundled with super monkey ball 3ds on zavi for £35 http://www.zavvi.com/10570049.html
  2. they should release shenmue 1 and 2 on xbla and that could drum up some intrest in people who haven't played it before and let sega know how much intrest there is in shenmue. dreamcast is my favorate ever console and this series is one of the big reasons make it happen sega.
  3. they haven't unlocked for me i am sure i have put in enough time but they haven't unlocked.
  4. this game is cool now we need deathsmiles 2.
  5. maybe Microsoft and other publishers should release games that they don't expect to well as region free or as a game on demand that way any one who wants to get the game has that option you wouldn't even have to add a dub just maybe add a English subtitle option. i would love to be able to add some more Japanese games to my collection. anyone else agree or have any ideas how to convince publishers to release some of their games over in different regions?
  6. you can tell by looking at my score i was achievement mad i've calmed down a bit but still like to 100% most games but now i don't rush it
  7. so i know its coming out in the u.s but does anyone know if they are plans to release it in the uk
  8. any chance of someone knowing where i can find a good guide for this game as I'm struggling to figure out how to do the achievements and could do with some tips on how to go about getting them thanks in advance for any help i may receive
  9. anyone know of games like this that are available in the UK or are region free?
  10. me and my brother r up for boosting this achievement my gt is Lord Sponge and my brothers is Lord Onsokumaru only problem is i don't have a mic but he does and i know that can help. also is it possible to use 2 profiles on one console if it is then me and my brother but have profiles on r consoles so we could make a team of four so we would just need four people hope that makes sense.
  11. Welch is the best how awesome is she? So awesome
  12. i went offline so that my brother counld go on the net
  13. how do you boost this game? you would need at least 3 people for example 2 people help one person get to the 3rd round then he waits while the one of the other ones help the other person get to the third round then the 2 people in the 3rd round fight one wins moves to 4th round while the other 2 battle again and so on. if theres a better way let me know and if you see me on naruto and wanna boost let me know gt: Lord Sponge.
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