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  1. At the end of Infinite, Booker talks about ending it before anything happens.."smothering him in the womb" ending comstock. What I didn't understand is if the booker/comstock is an alternate version..then why does he exist? When the Elizabeths drowned him at the end shouldn't that have ended it? And why go through all that trouble in the first place just to get him to realize what he had done, only to kill him. That sounds pretty harsh, considering how her personality seemed at the end of Infinite, just wouldn't take her as the "gah im going to travel to other universes and mindfuck Bookers/Comstocks make them realize what they did and have them killed". It just made it seem like it wasn't even the "main" Elizabeth. Not going to lie though, when the big daddy came out I was like O:
  2. I think its just the stuff he says. Its pretty much the same reason everyone loves Odd Future and Tyler the Creator, the shock factor. How he talks about violence, killing people, rape, talking shit about other celebrities, exploiting his life(Wife, mom, daughter issues)...people go crazy for all that stuff for some reason. Music could be bad as shit, but if it follows that formula people just eat it up. Most of his "rapping" is just him ranting, at least to me thats how it sounds.
  3. My only complaint was the ending..i know its part1, but why is *spoilers* Elizebeth going to that universe to kill that Comstock? And why is he even alive if killing the original Comstock should have killed all the others, he shouldn't even exist even if its an alternate universe. My mind was mush at the end. The overall dlc I would give a 8/10. Started off slow but it felt like a really solid piece of dlc, don't understand the "why is this $15?" deal...its a sizable piece of dlc and has a decent story to go with and its loads better than most dlc pieces for games at that price. Plus $15 is not a big amount of money, a meal at a restruant is about that price.
  4. My two biggest problems with this game is 1)No custom Class in the menu and 2)No party invite system. It baffles me why these two where just left out of the main menu. Other than that the game is pretty solid, having a lot of fun with the online even though they haven't done anything about people camping on roofs with snipers. I tend to avoid all the maps in cities for that sole reason its very irritating.
  5. Yeah I keep lagging all over the place. I'm noticing as well that when me and my friend play, when trying to enter the next area, he proceeds off screen but I am blocked back. We can't progress past one of the levels because of it and after a while I go to the map and get dashboarded. Going to just play offline solo until it is fixed, SkaStudios is just one guy so I assume it will be a while for a patch.
  6. The Wolverine 5/10 - It really felt like it was going to be good, but after the first thirty minutes it went downhill. Was really disappointed with it, the best scene being the after credits to be honest.
  7. If there is a poster or something I usually do, and then cancel a week later. I don't like pre-ordering because I don't know how the game is going to be. I usually wait a month after a release to read reviews to see if it's worth buying. All of that "GET THIS SHIZ EARLY" and "EXCLUSIVEEEEE GUNNNNSSS BRUHHHH" don't really catch my eye at all.
  8. Pretty much all the movies by Lucifer Valentine. Other then those, A Serbian Film or Salo.
  9. I would give it a 6/10. It had me hooked up till the whole Mandarin scene..then after that the whole movie just felt like a big waste of time. The Extremis stuff was pretty cool, but they never really explain it. Look here is some people with Extremis, Tony knows about it even though they never explain to him what it is(he also forgot about that night anyway), and the Mandarin twist was a big let down plus why base a "fake" villain on a REAL villain that has nothing to do with Killian? Was it just me or were the scenes with Trevor on the tv really bad quality? The whole movie looked like it...hahaha my friend said most of the movie looked like it was filmed like a porno(whatever that means). I like the scene at the end with the suits...even if they only show a couple actually doing something. Best thing about the movie was the Redhead he fights, oh my goodness. :S
  10. Lords of Salem 7/10. Movie felt alot like Rosemary's baby, it was alright but not GREAT. The whole last ending sequence with the dream was pretty disturbing.
  11. Nope. I don't always like being online since multiple people in my house use different devices on it, so I will probably just get a ps4. Not like it really matters, both systems will have the same games and I prefer the Playstation only titles over the xbox, plus the online will probably be free again on the playstation and won't NEED a subscription to access netflix and such. Still waiting on the full reveal of the next xbox, but as of right now I'm leaning more towards a ps4.
  12. http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab92/Jond892/106_zpse3403155.jpg -Silent Hill collection(in progress) -Pokemon Crystal -Squall's necklace and a Silent Hill Halo one. -Fallout 3 tin -Heart of Darkness -Majoras mask in the box with manuals and came with the RAM pack. -White Ps2, probably the only *rare* item. I think they came with that Singstar game a while back. I did a full photo, didn't feel like uploading multiple ones. P:
  13. Its really disappointing to be honest...I was interested at first but after the streaming and the controller(It looks hideous) I just fell off. I really hope the xbox is a little better, but then again they might charge for live and keep the GOLD/SILVER shenanigans going and push kinect even further. : /
  14. I imagined trying to kill a Necromorph with a Steel Pipe from Silent Hill....oh lord.
  15. I remember I attempted to try and play the online in that game. Dropped controller and went to bed.
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