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  1. Hey, I am working on giving up soda, too! I got a suggestion to try flavored carbonated water because it could be the carbonation I miss most since flat soda tastes like shit. Definitely enjoying the flavored Polar seltzer waters as a substitute for soda. Just got to get over the no caffeine bit. Don't work for 7 days, so hoping to be over the worst of it by the time I go back to work.
  2. I’m going to be selling my One S and moving the One X to the living room. Might use the money for a Switch for my wife and daughter. I don’t think I’ve turned my console on in a couple months now. I’ve also stopped playing Overwatch. After losing over 500SR after placing in season 11 and realizing how much that game was pissing me off, I’ve taken an indefinite break. Much happier gamer now.
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