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  1. Oh god here we go. I'm not complaining about the season pass. This is one of the only games I've bought one for. Still excited for the rest if the dlc just sayin I expected more because they said they were putting so much time or whatever into developing the dlc. Horde modes are fun, challenge modes are fun. I don't like this. That's all I said. Sheesh...
  2. I planne on keepin this game maxed but Ill prolly just play through it. Really bothers me bad that its like you never played the game before and have to start from scratch. In any game where you upgrade stuff you should be able to keep it.
  3. Hell you can't even use the gear u got for purchasing the season pass in the season pass content lol wtf?
  4. Yeah other than arkham origins infinites dlc is the only thing really holdin me down on 360 buy I might just say fuck it with this game. This is terrible. I love stuff like this with challenges but this is just bad.
  5. You can't use your upgrades from the game? You can't select the difficulty? You can't select completed waves? Bare bones as a horde mode could get. First no new game + which was the games only flaw now this is what took them so much time to release? Questions questions.
  6. I'm getting it. Love fable, this is the best one. Jack of Blades is going down again after all these years. Bring it. These games were overhyped because of Molyneux, but I still love em.
  7. Just got this and none of my friends are playing it. Just looking for a co op partner. I'm not really planning on going for anything but if you want to we can. I'm available weeknights from 8-10 EST. time and more so on the weekends. Fox Hound JD
  8. If I download bioshock from the Japanese marketplace with my other account and play it with my main account are the achievements stackable?
  9. I've maxed out arkham asylum 4x's arkham city 2x's. it's been a while now and I've still got the itch. Absolutely in love with these games. I'd punch a puppy to be able to run through the Japanese version and max it again (I love puppies). Is there any way to play it other than buying a Crazy priced Japanese console? Is that the only option?
  10. Looking to get all mp achievements before ac3 comes out. I have all dlc. Hit me up Fox Hound JD
  11. So, is anyone who has conference call + bee shield duping these items for people? We're close to beating playthrough one, but I'd be happy to dupe if I got my hands on em...
  12. yeah, don't remember the first game having such annoying achievements to worry about... also some of the misc ones should be unlocked for you and your co op buddies when you get them like the goliath one or getting an item from whats his face.
  13. still annoying that so many people bitch about duping... what do they care? fyi if someone dupes something crazy for me or i find it on my own or a friend gives it to me or i use his wait til lv 50 method for that rocket launcher whatever i end up with i cant wait to start duping awesome stuff for people. loved doing it in bl1 and cant wait to start doing it in this. i think its just as/more fun to dupe with other players as it is to be dissapointed most of the time when i open a chest or an enemy drops trash. for a game that has a "gazillionder" amount of guns 99.8% of them aren't worth a damn. not knockin the game i love it but thats how it is.
  14. i have a boost session set up for saturday morning at 10am to boost xp to lv. 30. anybody wants in hit me up on live. well just go idle til we all have it.
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