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  1. yeah but... that doesn't mean he/she has the objext grapple ability.
  2. im pretty sure that they aren't object attacks wrestlers with the object attack ability can use the weapon by using the right stick. If nothing happens when you move the right stick whilst holding a weapon, the superstar you are using doesn't have the ability.
  3. just came online to say I've finnnnnnnnnnallllllyyyyyyy got this long ass poxy acheivement
  4. i enjoyed the demo quite a bit and I'll probably be purchasing this game. But to me it just reminds me a bit of Brian Lara with some shots you can hit for 6 which is pretty much impossible in real life though.
  5. 100% agreed with point #4! The other points are all also good, it's just that I missed playing with Stone Cold and The Rock which is why I'm 100% behind point #4
  6. really! cos i tried it and the guy just bounced off the table must be a defect or something then.
  7. did u ever see jericho around 2000-01?
  8. to get into the hall of fame you need to win 6 titles and defend 1 of them 3 times successfully. Its a lot of work for 1 acheivement - but I'm going for it now, I've nearly inducted superstar #4 into the hall of fame. At the moment I'm just doing 1 title a day because it has got to the stage where it is getting boring quick.
  9. finally!!! i have been waiting for this for what feels like ages
  10. thank goodness I couldn't think of a better way to ruin a movie
  11. brilliant guide, amd very in depth I am going to take note of this and implement it into my online gaming of GOW2. Many thanks.
  12. agreed I was watching someone playing 1 vs 100 on YouTube and I only knew a few answers, which were more common knowledge then all the regional stuff. Definately needs to be regional!
  13. If he did lagswitch, then I hope he did get his GS reset.
  14. WAIT!! Was that a pun? Cos if it was then I swear I'm the only one who has spotted it
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