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  1. Exactly that. I wouldn't expect anything too amazing, even just a $25 xbox gift card for every person that's on the 1st place team would at least be decent enough, but just to do it for forum awards seems a little tedious.
  2. No fun allowed? Edit: I should clarify that I was aware we were actually going to change our name just before it started and forgot. Granted, I won't even be in anymore GSL's anyway as the last one before that I competed in was supposed to be my final one. I could be wrong since my team has never won, but not having a reward for the team that places first is kind of ridiculous.
  3. If only I had infinite money to grab from so I could grab some more easy games to prove you wrong, but honestly I'm fine with the score I have. I'm not going to waste all of my money I get on easy games since I have to work for it. That's a no no.
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