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  1. Am I the only one excited for new achievements so I can have more possibilities for backgrounds on the dashboard?
  2. No need to worry it does this from time to time. Last night I ran thru the railroads achievements and it said I never had them unlocked yadda, yadda. They'll shift to the completed portion in time.
  3. Personally I believe it is fine the way it is. Yes, some of us have a general idea of what our builds will be. Mine for instance is stealth so I tended to stick with Perception, Intelligence, Agility with some Charisma just to sweet talk the ladies. There have been a few times I thought "damn it, it would be nice to make this sweet gun mod" and I would put it in the back of my mind for later when I have a free perk point. This is going to sound really, really, really dumb but with the way the perk system is set up it feels almost too real. Like, here I am in this current situation in life and if I knew better I could be there. Maybe I should plan for that thing to happen again; if that makes sense. TL;DR I believe the perk system is fine and doesn't need a re-spec option.
  4. Do these seem pointless to everyone else? I get you are able to compare them with your friends and stuff but then whats the point of having a high score/best time in the A.R. missions?
  5. I mainly just wanted the suit. The Batmobile is what ever to me.
  6. 1989 Batmobile: Yes, I am aware the racing missions are on the movie sets. But, I mean come on. This is THE Batmobile. The same one that has appeared in 2 of the better Batman movies, the basis for TAS Batmobile and has been making appearances in the comics since 1990. ...Where did the 2 Browning machines guns go? Why didn't Rocksteady imply a gimmick during the races to where someone (doesn't HAVE to be the Penguin) takes control over the Batmobile? I haven't finished the races yet but something tells me this won't happen. In the upcoming DLC Penguin tries escape from GCPD, maybe there is a tiny Easter Egg waiting to happen? Probably not though. I let a lot of things slide with this game series due to different universes and the like. But when you label something from a specific universe the least you could do is keep some of the gimmicks intact. I mean, why make a skin and strip away features? That would be like saying with the 1989 Batman skin you can't punch, you can only backhand people. Maybe I am bitter, but a few of us have been waiting very patiently for this. And, not being able to use it in an entire gameplay session is not only pointless it is bogus.
  7. A lot of it depends on story progression also. For me the ones that seemed to take the most time was Firefly's and the tank battles. But all in all Riddler aside I would imagine 2 maybe 3 hours should be a good estimate.
  8. Sounds like a controller issue. My buddy has gone thru 3 controllers since picking up his XB1. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/03/06/xbox-one-controller-problems-plague-gamers/ Also: http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/xbox-one-controller-issues.454462212/
  9. There really is not much more to know about the characters. If you're pissed about Jason Todd, well he is now a space ninja in the books. So as of right now Arkham Knight > Space Ninja Red Hood. Besides dude, treating any media outside of the books as NEEDING to be 100% hell even 50% of the source material is just a wet dream.
  10. Yes and to clarify any take down done during the duration of any hack (such as turning out the lights in the ghost ship) counts towards the total. Not just the electrified floors.
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