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  1. Welcome, glad you joined the site!
  2. So I was playing some NBA 2k13 and I went to message someone after a game to tell them good game, but I couldn't find there GT. Is this because they have their settings set a certain way?
  3. Thanks Spade.

  4. +1 for admitting your mistakes and trying to set things straight. :)

  5. Yeah, get it. 1000 G is tough, but is an awesome game.
  6. Marble blast ultra, trials hd, Evo, deadliest warrior and unbound saga
  7. Yeah, the game selection so far isn't very good IMO.
  8. The trailer for Dante's Inferno. I also thought the mad world one was very cool.
  9. Black Ops 2 mostly, sometimes Black Ops (first one)
  10. I only game a couple hours a day so it isn't that much time. Some days I don't game at all if I don't have time.
  11. It is stuck at 719. EDIT: after making this post, it went up to 720. EDIT 2: Just made another post and it is still at 720.
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