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  1. I took the day off because of the snow...
  2. Crossed the 100k mark. I think I'm pretty well done. Going to play a few that interest me for a bit and not focus as much on score.
  3. For anyone who hasn't finished smart moves - don't quit out without completing an entire world. I've restarted it more than once (the issue dates back years) and had it lose progress in a way that makes the final achievements impossible.
  4. Just finished 3 games. That is probably about my limit for tonight.
  5. I want to put a little distance between myself and the only other gamerscore hunter in South Dakota. He's been slowly climbing up my backside for a couple of years now and is getting close enough to make me a bit nervous.
  6. I'm looking for a teammate this year. I know I can put up 30k and depending on how the tournament goes, can probably put up double that amount to keep things interesting if whomever teams with me wants to try for the podium. I have a few work events scheduled in April that could cut into my gaming time, but I might be able to swing a vacation day or two as well. Edit: Teaming up with bLaKgRaVy.
  7. Way to go everyone. Once again, I had fun tearing through as many games as I could. Work caused more conflicts this time around than usual, but I'm more than happy with where we ended on the leaderboards. Unfortunately for me, the new horsey game doesn't come out until the end of the month. I'll have to pick some other horrible game for my prize. 😛
  8. I get to leave work a few hours early today. I'll see what I can accomplish when I get home (probably not much). 😛
  9. Work has been crazy this week, so I haven't been able to sneak in as much down time gaming as I could have hoped. I had to teach two IT classes to other staff to explain how to start a Zoom meeting, and we've had about 400 high school kids in over the past two days for a site wide seminar on the dangers of drinking/smoking/texting while driving (I've gone home both nights to have a few stiff drinks 😄). I've still managed to put up a few points, but hopefully I'll find time this weekend to add a bit of cushion to third place.
  10. I've managed to take two snow days from work so far during this tournament, and I might get another one this week if the weather predictions hold up. I've blown through most of the easy games I'd saved up for the tournament, so I'm slowing down from here. I do still plan on trying to get all the 0G MP achievements in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway if anyone else is interested. There is a TA session scheduled for Thursday that still needs another player. 😁
  11. Team Name: Bearded Bastards Forum Name: NShepherd N7 Gamertag: NShepherd N7 Forum Name: Sasquach11235 Gamertag: Sasquach11235
  12. I'm probably good for around 25k. I just want to participate, not looking to win.
  13. GT: Sasquach11235 Games: Captain Cat [1000] Original 1000 Immortals Fenyx Rising [1000] Original 1000 *NEW* Total # of Completions: 340 [Updated Count] Spotlights: NONE Captain Cat (1 point) FIRST Immortals Fenyx Rising (10 points) Total # of Xbox One Maximum Club Points: 1579 [Updated Count]
  14. GT: Sasquach11235 Games: Adam's Venture: Origins [1000] Original 1000 Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition [1000] Original 1000 Mushroom Savior [1000] Title Update *NEW* Total # of Completions: 338 (Mushroom already counted) Spotlights: NONE Adam's Venture: Origins (1 point) NONE Duke Nukem 3D (1 point) FIFTH Mushroom Savior - Title Update (2 points) Total # of Xbox One Maximum Club Points: 1568 [Updated Count]
  15. GT: Sasquach11235 Games: Castle of No Escape [1000] Title Update 1000 Castle of No Escape 2 [1000] Title Update 1000 Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns [1000] Original 1000 Mushroom Quest [1000] Title Update 1000 One Word by POWGI [1000] Original 1000 *NEW* Total # of Completions: 336 (Castles and Mushroom already counted) Spotlights: FIFTH Castle of No Escape (2 points) FIFTH Castle of No Escape 2 Title Update (2 points) NONE Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns (1 point) FOURTH Mushroom Quest (4 points) FOURTH One Word by POWGI (4 points) Total # of Xbox One Maximum Club Points: 1564 [Updated Count]
  16. GT: Sasquach11235 Game: Assassin's Creed: Valhalla [1000] Original 1000 *NEW* Total # of Completions: 334 [Updated Count] Spotlight: SECOND Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (8 points) Total # of Xbox One Maximum Club Points: 1581 [Updated Count]
  17. The new console has arrived and we've decided to include the new titles in with the existing Xbox One Clubs and assign them points the same as we did with those games. This will make the higher tiers more accessible, but will result in more people obtaining the top tiers. To that end, we've decided to increase the available tiers, but we like to open the additional level(s) up to discussion to see what the community would like to get out of things. What are your thoughts?
  18. GT: Sasquach11235 Game: Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow [1000] Original 1000 *NEW* Total # of Completions: 333 [Updated Count] Spotlight: FIRST Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow (10 points) Total # of Xbox One Maximum Club Points: 1573 [Updated Count]
  19. Is your phone not supported? I was able to upgrade to Win 10 without any issues (but there are some games that aren't available any more).
  20. GT: Sasquach11235 Games: Tetris (WP) - 1 point Deadly Premonition - 11 points Peggle (base game) - 12 points Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - 4 points The Maw - 11 points Ticket to Ride (XBLA) - 12 points Battleship (360) - 8 points The Raven (360) - 7 points Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy - 8 points Iron Man 2 - 7 points Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 5 points Injustice 2 (base game) - 1 point Madden NFL 09 - 8 points Silent Hill Downpour - 9 points Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - 10 points Worms - 12 points X-Men Arcade - 11 points Total: 137 points
  21. Getting close to finishing up Deadly Premonition. That will be another 11 points lined up.
  22. I've got Shadowrun, but I didn't put it on my list because I didn't think I could get a group together. Do you know how many people we'd need? I only started it in '09, so I wouldn't get as many points, but it would be nice to clear something I never expected to get done. In other news, I've been trying to finish up Deadly Premonition - I still need two playthroughs for the completion. I'm beginning to see why I didn't bother when I first started it.
  23. I got my first 12 pointer queued up. I have one challenge left to beat in Peggle.
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