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  1. Thanks mate i tried the online again this morning and its working much better no endless loading screens dipped frame rates at times but to be expected in such massive games werenoone has ghe perfect internet cheers for thd reply mate :-)
  2. Ok guys just tried the online on RDR and im getting stuck on endless loading screen terrible framerate and issues connecting wiyh friends anyone else have these problems my connection is fine GTA IV and other online games work fine :-) Cheers Joe
  3. Nice tip mate shame i have just completed all the hidden orbs and agility orbs Another Tip that saves time is don't worry about height it doesn't matter how high or low you are the orbs always appear regardless of height i tested this with the chopper and hit maximum height and the orbs still appear on the mini map :-D:drunk
  4. Hi there quick question i'm playing online with my friend which he has purchased all the DLC for this game i have access to the thrusters and chopper but i'm having trouble unlocking the hung up dry achievement are the achievements tied to the Toy Box DLC only or can they be unlocked with a friend who has it as i plan on buying the deluge pack but unsure if i need this one too Cheers :-) Joe
  5. Hey guys quick post :-) I noticed that the run and pick up item button is backwards meaning A is to run and X is to pick up items but i cant get used to it that way i prefair the PS2 classic style X to run and A to pick up items i checked the options and i cant seem to fix this issue any ideas how to fix the controls i mean i don't know who would like it this way if i remember right that was the dreamcast controller format Any ideas :-) Cheers Joe
  6. hey guys have had this annoying problem recently and wondered if anyone has a solution basically my game randomly freezes allot doesn't matter if i'm in single player or on matchmaking the screen completely freezes up this freeze wont let me press the guide button at all and if the controller is vibrating it will keep vibrating the first issue i had was the game came up as a DVD then shortly after it worked but froze on the black screen were the console checks for updates so restarted the console and the game installed the update successfully i thought it could have been a dodgy game install so i deleted the game and ran the game through normal disc spinning mode and still the problem exists then i checked the game to see if it had any scuffs or cracks but the disc is brand new with no damage i have since cleared the system catch and still the problem persists :-( I found some information on xbox.com saying double check that the HDD is connected correctly and make sure the console is well ventilated which it is All other games run fine so i don't think its the laser or disc moter Does anyone know whats the issue :-( Cheers Joe
  7. Possible Fix I'm currently trying to locate the 1.5GB version from a friend to copy to USB then remove the the 1.6 version and replace it with the 1.5 which in theory should work i hope he has it as he bought it a long time ago :-)
  8. Had exactly 160MSP left after ambushing all the sonic games and guardian heroes hope its good whats peoples opinion on this game :-)
  9. I finished this earlier :woop:r i think it was my fault for the most part as i didn't check the restrictions properly just glad this is out the way as it took some time and effort lol i was soo worried that i ran into a glitch that i didn't double check :-) Cheers for the reply mate
  10. OK guys this is rarely pissing me off firstly i have done around 20 missions so far at the start thieves guild and no special missions are initializing i did all 4 types of missions from vex and nothing happened so did all 4 from delvin and still nothing after checking my stats and it says vex solitude whiterun markeeth windhelm riften delvin solitude riften markeeth whiterun windhelm so that states i have done a mission in all 5 of the major cities this is rearly pissing me off as i have a shite load of completed and uncompleted thieves guild quests in my quest log and im running out of options update brinjolf wont speak to me neither just keeps saying he is busy and will speak another time Cheers
  11. Hi there I am a bit of a pickle and was wondering if anyone had some advice The problem is after about 30 mins of playing the game will freeze and force me to restart the console the game will freeze indefinitely so the guide button isn't functional nor is anything else so after clearing the system catch reinstalling the game and installing the latest patch I still get this annoying problem does anyone else have this issue its irritating that I have to keep manually saving the game incase the game goes tits up Anyone got any advice cheers (Update) just checked the disc and it looks fine no scratches or scuffs
  12. Need this achievement also add me to the list :-)
  13. Ok so i got to the end of the opera house near the end of the game then. Had my team hack some computer then i was asked to extract to the roof but didnt. See it at the side so went back now all the enemies came back and i cant leave so im screwed took me fucking ages to get to this point on relistic and now i have to restart the campaign way to go ubisoft not fixing such a broken game from all the back in 2006 :-/
  14. This achievement is a disgrace firstly i spent 3 hours pressing RB which apparingly was wrong as it didnt work once not even a normal assassination nothing ( recon )secondly i tried it with B melee still nothing just hit. Him in the back esriously what a disgrace not once have i even done one assassination nevermind this one i run jump tap LT then press b i either push him aside or land over him rearly dissapointed with bungie adding. this achievement. as its broken beyond belief ehy is you guys can normal assassinations and i cant will try exchanging it for another copy tommorow if not will contact bungie about this for a refund an unobtainanle achievement is a no no to me it seems only certain copys of the game work. ( smash tv )
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