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  1. Having trouble unlocking this achievement. I played the special game twice last night at different times. Had a xp boost on stayed the whole session from beginning to end an still haven't unlocked the achievement. The description says participate in a big game event or whatever it says. I did that and haven't unlocked achiv. What did I do wrong if anything or is this achievement glitched. Anyone one else having trouble unlocking this?
  2. You can get 8000xp right now if u do the wager match with a friend if the double xp weekend is still going.all u need is sum boost multipliers an sum silver to waste. Went from lvl 36 to 45 in 4 hrs an my buddie went from 15 to 30. Get on that xp while the double xp is there!!
  3. Why don't I have the thieves hood? I seen something about the name but my screen isn't in Japanese the only name it gives me is moriah idk I played the game twice in a row as a thief now still can't find it
  4. Well since they boosted the double fame for Multiplayer you can boost fame with a friend in a wager match.. Basically take turns winning.. You also don't have to worry about paying to revive your gladiator either and you'll get max fame.. All u have to do is kill your boosting partner with a grab. That way u get max fame n no cost to opposing gladiator. If done correctly you'll get 1000 fame for winning n 400 for losing. So it's better then playing the same two matches all day and you save yourself a game played. To get the 1000 game u need to play on the stage that has max fame in the wage match. Also you will need money seeing as how you have to put up $550 to play. You'll know u did it wrong if your buddie says "oh Man U killed my guy now I gotta pay" an if you see yourself getting the bonus prize money for the match.. Hope this saves some people sum time
  5. Is anyone looking to boost multiplayer achiv's if so message me at alwayz damican
  6. I just unlocked all moves for regular game an dlc earlier today. I basically just played the battle royal an tag stages an 2 vs 1 for moves on the dlc I played the first sumo guy a couple times an the mr Wong I think a bunch of times n the on the next set of stages I did the tag team with the guy an girl an then the boxer with the red gloves. Srry I don't remember names not at home now. But if u need them I'll post them later
  7. If your having trouble or just lose on sum bullshit all u have to do is dashboard an your win streak will stay in tact. But beware if you got a new perk u will lose it along with the gold u spent to replace it.
  8. I'm looking to boost the squad based achievements I have four people just need four more. If your interested in boosting these send me a message alwayz Damican is my gamertag. Will be on most of the day today...
  9. Looking to boost squad based achievements right now. I have my four just need four more will trade achievements gamer tag always Damican
  10. To get this achievement all you need is the rail gun. Doesn't even have to be upgraded. I made him rage 6 times with my smg before switching to the rail gun. Just stand across the map n headshot him you won't see him go into rage mode but it still counts as a hit. I shot him four times in the head with the sniper n I unlocked the cheevo.. Maybe it glitched but it glitched in the right way for me.
  11. I'm just about done with 1000 club but I'm running out of money to buy cars. I've sold all my cars that I finished getting a medal with already but I still need to buy more. My question is,is there a way that I can earn a lot of money real quick? Like doing a race that's worth a lot over n over? If n e one knows of such a race would you be interested in sharing it with me so I can get the rest of these cars done.. Thnx
  12. Fixed my own problem. Just went by a friends house put my save file on cloud save n played the race. It didn't freeze n I got my achievement. When I play movie n hero packs the smash and grab event freezes as well gla I don't have to do those races.
  13. I'm on the duty free race for terminal velocity n every time the timer gets to 001 the game freezes on me. I deleted the dlc redownloaded it cleared the cache downloaded game to hard drive n everytime it still freezes. I don't know what to do. N I know ea wont patch this shit cause they suck as a developer
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