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  1. Crazy Taxi 2 or an HD crazy Taxi 3 (not on Dreamcast, but still has Crazy Taxi 2 stuff)
  2. First console played was Atari 2600. First console I owned was the NES. :uzi:DUCK HUNT!
  3. I wish there was more games available and more coming soon. It seems to be a pretty small list IMO. Hopefully they bring more developers on board.
  4. Internet Explorer was always pretty poor IMO. I wish we could get a choice during OS install on what we want instead of all the bundled Microsoft stuff.
  5. Nascar Unleashed was my last 1000G. Decent little racing game. No where near as bad of a game as many made it out to be.
  6. Initially I didn't care for challenges, but as I began to earn them, I became addicted to them and try to go for as many as I can. I wish more games supported them and would give a decent time frame to complete them.
  7. Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious was last 1000G on Xbox One. A decent little time waster, glad I got it free at launch.
  8. Before playing the beta, I was thinking day 1 purchase, but after playing the beta, I'm kind of disappointed now and think I may wait to get, if ever. I think the game feels a lot like a driver game reskinned. So glad I got to try the beta before dropping down the $$$.
  9. What happened to PlayStationTrophies.org? Google and Firefox are reporting it as an attack page. I know the sites are connected so maybe the team here can explain what's happening.
  10. This is pretty weak. I want to play Forza 5 and unlock my achievements. Incidents like these are just proof that reliance on the internet 24/7 is a concept bound to fail. Can you imagine if we couldn't play our games or even turn on our system?!
  11. First nine stages are easy, and then BAM, stage 10 is a damn nightmare! Can't beat it no matter what setup I use. Was really enjoying this game, but now not so much.
  12. Is it limited availability? As I get a "Sorry this app won't work with your device message". Rayman Fiesta Run initially gave me that too, before I could finally buy it days later.
  13. I still need 2 online achievements, willing to help boost other achievements you may need. GT: GAMERJET XBL
  14. Knowing Capcom, when can we expect a complete edition to release?
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