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  1. Dont know if u have it or not but. You can do Nothing special in L4D1 by getting a co op partner and play VS.s have that person be the Infected then start up the game with no one else. Play a campaighn if you have the Crash Course DLC use that one as its faster. If not choose another campaighn. Thats that. ;)


    The WItch dosent count as special infected.

  2. I know many who do give good rep. Myself will do to people who I find a pleasure to play with. Anyone I add to my Friends list gets a prefer as, well, would not place them on my list if I found them not so nice. Also to anyone who can take a loss without behaving like a putz, they too get a good rep. Put in bad rep for quitters who are obviously losing or such bad players they keep dying on co-op and gather they are so use to playing with AI and quitting when not doing well they cannot get past it when playing with real people. Also for abusive, foul mouthed, rude nasty people they get a bad rep put in when they go off on someone or a male player who's knuckles obviously drag on the ground and they are disgusting towards female players. Never put in bad rep just to be spiteful and act like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum because someone took their toy from them.
  3. Well as I get asked, even on this site have been asked....why do I only have 4 stars..yeah it kinda does matter to me. If no one ever asked as you say that no one cares, then it truly would not matter to me one iota.
  4. lol I understand your frustration, but you are 11 below me in prefer percentage and we have the same stars. This is what annoys me. There should be some standard where by they gage the stars, obviously there is none.
  5. Ok, are you guys telling me that your percentage of avoided is this and your prefer would be 11 and 25? Because if so, something is HUGELY wrong with their accounting of points system as mine is: 83% prefer and 17% avoid, with less than 5 stars! I want LIVE to explain this too me. Also my husband is 80% prefer and 20% avoid and he has 5 stars. Makes no sense to me at all.
  6. At one point we had GameFly x2 getting 4 out at a time = 8 games out at a time. Along with hitting Family Video that only costs 3.50USD for 5 nights if there was a game we wanted to try before we bought and had not arrived from GameFly. Now down to just 4 out at a time and using Family Video. 8 out was just insane. Points are easy to gain, you are correct in that it does cost money. Fortunately for us, (and for our son) we are parents/adults who game and can afford to play.....ALOT. Heck we even have Business Class Roadrunner (90 USD a month) so our upload is better than average. (we get 14mbps download and 2mbps upload) Really hate playing with people who have less than average internet and their guy zips from one spot to another...lagging so badly.
  7. By playing every game I can get my hands on. My husband and I often get ignorant messages from random people calling us boosters and cheaters. If you notice on the whole if it's a versus game there few achievements had for myself or hubby for the versus cheevos (unless its a game we ab so lute ly LOVE) as we are not boosters. Our business is seasonal, and that means like last winter, hubby was home nearly 5 months. If you know much about Ohio, it has NOTHING to do here, so we play alot in the winter. Knocking out points if pretty easy if you don't hang on to one game. Like L4D, that killed 4 months of point increase for me as that was basically all I played. But since April I went from around 115K to my present score. If all you play is H3, GoW or COD versus and nothing else, your scores are not going to increase by much. Just depends on if you want to play with online people and enjoy that enviroment more than points. Me, L4D left me sour to playing with randoms on LIVE as they IMHO are poor sports on the whole and to be spiteful will put in false feedback. Lost a star due to the lousy feedback system that allows people who are really bad players put in something that is not true just to get back at you the only way they can.
  8. Imagine what it's like being in the same room with someone you're trying so hard to catch up to (hubby) and hearing that sound knowing full well he's gained yet another one. He however does the same when he hears it pop up on mine......"was that an achievement?" lol sometimes it is just someone coming online.
  9. We had a game pass from Blockbuster at the time, so could take out 2 games at time for as long as we wanted. We went got the game, both hubby and I got points, took it back and got another game. To us wasn't a waste of money as you rented as many games as you wanted for the month for I believe 35USD. Self satisfaction, actually we got a good laugh out of it. I play games that are difficult and take time to earn points, but I also play games quick on points. To be honest, we actually try all games we can get our hands on, because I truly do not trust nor believe in game reviews done professionally after the whole Kane and Lynch fiasco. If I enjoy a game I keep playing it. If it is easy on points, keep playing it. I will not however continue to play a game that makes me absolutely miserable like Alone in the Dark did, ever again. (Which is why we try to test them on a silver gt first when unsure....trying to get our percentages higher on completions and hate it when it's too late to say oh man this game stinks as it gave you some stupid points for putting it in or something.)
  10. lol Avatar takes tops 5 minutes for 1000, you do not have enough time to get bored. (Or at least that is how long it took for hubby and I to get them.)
  11. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust...cruddy game, but 1000 points.
  12. lol Return to Castle Wolfenstein ......drove my husband insane because I had to find all the secret areas. No achievements back then, but I did enjoy locating collectibles and hidden areas, that hasn't changed, achievements just made my obsession worse.
  13. I've enjoyed seeing where everyone is from. I presently live in NE Ohio, south of Akron & Cleveland, west of Youngstown (saw someone lived there...I'm so sorry ..just kid ding) east of Toledo and north of Columbus. The city I live in is smallish and snobby. Having lived all over the US and Europe and I must say where I live now, they are the least friendly and accepting people. Really don't like newcomers to their area. If I say hello to anyone or try to start a conversation it is like I have two heads. The only reason they talk to hubby is his accent, and if they are in front of him and he speaks their heads whip around like Linda Blair. Now when we go to New York or Chicago...his accent is nuffin to those people, no stares no gawking. On the flip side I was gawked and stared at when I spoke in Derby & the Midlands, but in London no one took notice to my accent.
  14. On the flip side to this, I use to replay games before achievements, now more often than not once I get that last achievement, the game is sent back to gamefly or put on a shelf to collect dust. Not many have replay value anymore other than multiplayer versus modes. Much of the time I'm not enjoying a lot of games either, just working on the achievements. How many people actually played Avatar? Or did you just quit once after that 3-5 minutes it took to get the 1000 just take the game out and send it back? I think back on the days when I played TimeSplittersII with hubby, we did it on every difficulty because we enjoyed the challenge of finishing them. Now just to get rid of a game quickly, if they are stackable...we go to the hardest level and be done with it.
  15. Often you can get one that does alot of pro bono work at legal aid. Give them a call if you have one in your area. I know my hometown had a legal aid as does the city I live in now.
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