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  1. Just got this email: http://image.engage.xbox.com/lib/fe5f15707362017c7c10/m/1/14629-spacer.gif http://image.engage.xbox.com/lib/fe5f15707362017c7c10/m/1/14629-spacer.gif Microsoft Studios is always evaluating its portfolio of products to determine what is best for gamers, families and the company. This decision is the result of the natural ebb and flow of our portfolio management. Customers who have already downloaded the Windows 8.1 version will still be able to play Zoo Tycoon Friends and use any content they have already acquired, but effective December 10, 2014, Zoo Tycoon Friends is no longer available in the Store. On April 28, 2015 we will be discontinuing the Zoo Tycoon Friends service. At that time, the game will cease working. We will continue to provide community support for the title through that date. Thank you for your interest in Zoo Tycoon Friends. Sincerely, Microsoft Studios http://image.engage.xbox.com/lib/fe5f15707362017c7c10/m/1/14629-spacer.gif
  2. Looking for friends. gt:BCE Grimm
  3. https://help.firemonkeys.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/201942044-Windows-Phone-8-No-Further-Updates I just saw this article while trying to find a reason why I can't save my game to the cloud. Does anyone know if this is why the party boat is not working and cloud saves are disabled?
  4. Looking for help doing Speed Reader if anyone has a few minutes. GT: BCE Grimm
  5. Does anyone know if you collect more than 10 minikits on a level and the comic does not unlock in Deadpool's room if you can still get 100% achievement? I would hate to have to go back and redo all the flying races just because of a this glitch.
  6. I just started playing this game if you are looking for someone to race\boost. My GT is bce grimm
  7. If anyone could help me out I will be happy to return the favor. I have a setup for the Dodge Dart keyword BCE. Thanks!
  8. I just got this game for PC and looking to do the multiplayer achievements. I am not a great chess player so please be patient. Gamer tag is BCE Grimm
  9. I need to boost the co-op and multiplayer achievements before the July live shut down. live name is bce grimm. I can play almost any night.
  10. I have all outfits and weapons (except the equalizer) so I can trade those for anyone that needs them. Thanks to Draco719 and PrudentCoder1 it's all over!
  11. I need some help with Elite Meet in Crete. I have lvl 40 Greek and Celt but both civs have a pretty low gear score. I am on marathon. Also, if you just want to play I am up for that. live name is bce grimm
  12. I am coming back to this game after a taking a long time off. If anyone can help me beat the final boss on extreme I would be in their debt. I need to get The Timid Developer over with. gt: bce grimm Thanks
  13. I really stink at this game so I need help with all the multiplayer achievements. I am on most nights. GT: BCE Grimm
  14. I need help boosting ranks if anyone has time. Send me a message on live, tag BCE Grimm. Thanks
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