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  1. Looking for a boosting partner for the online achievement
  2. Looking to do all the co-op stuff as quickly as poss Hopefully its just the 2 achievements but if there is online versus lets do that too, please message me on xbl
  3. Resident Evil on Gamecube was my favourite, I have played them all
  4. Couple of months on but I paid £3.70 for this game. Brilliant fun like SR3.
  5. Just finished the single player and am looking to boost through the multiplayer, anyone want to do this who knows what they are doing feel free to message me on xbl
  6. Not sure why people are slagging it tbh
  7. My only complaint is that you can't do the predator room type challenges in ranked challenge rooms like the first 2. Other than the odd glitch it's great!
  8. I'm on my NG+ Playthrough and have just done the Hotel pool area, got my rank 9 but 10 didn't pop after (the last guy glitched in the wall) and it's saved now-any tips where I should try it next?? Thanks
  9. 7 or so hours in now and yes it's brilliant!! Not touched multiplayer yet though-I'm sure that will ruin things slightly though.
  10. 6 months since anyone last posted but I am looking for somebody to do the co-op season with.
  11. Used to watch Trials-esque motorbikes on Granstand on BBC 1 when i was a kid, brill stuff
  12. Not too fussed about getting every achievement especially if its multiplayer I only got 1350 on City because of the grindy challenges Surely if there are less genuine players online it's easier to boost anyway??
  13. Think I will hang fire for a few weeks until the patch is released then start it. It will probably be about £10 by then anyway, thanks for the heads up guys
  14. They needlessly put multiplayer in Tomb Raider and that was similar by the sounds of it-crap throwaway MP but quality SP. I loved the first 2 games, I was just a bit concerned this new studio had made a bodge job-only 1 way to find out i guess!
  15. Just about to start this game after finishing off some other games, has the game had the patch or do I need to research whats broken before I start??
  16. The first 2 games are only download codes, but if your a Batman virgin get it NOW
  17. Is this latest Batman worth buying? The first 2 were superb but reviews seem luke-warm, whats does our community reckon??
  18. I bought it just to play the original, played that to death as a kid on SNES
  19. 10 online wins message me on xbl want this done asap! Thanks
  20. I skipped the last 2 events, must be that, will try again in Season 2 cheers!
  21. Looks a brilliant game, just not spending 10 quid on it, will wait for a DoTW
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