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  1. I'm at 97.3% to 100%, under completion all i'm missing is 28 challanges which i'm working on, once done that should max out health, stamina and deadeye. My question is the only other thing I need to do is the rob coach, house, train and store. Well I did challange for robbing 3 coaches and 4 stores, robbed a few trains and robbed houses that I received tips to rob. So I know I did all four, but it says 3/4. Is this a glitch or do I need to something specific
  2. was close but this this game dictates its own *** rules and now I'm about 20 animals to skin again. Rockstar stop *** players. heres a few examples, I'm tracking a baja pronghorn doe, 5 feet behind and I kill it twice now, go to skin it and it says Sonoran doe. Yet in my progress it says baja tracked twice and sonoran tracked 0 times, they changed the name to make it more difficult twice now. Another thing is I was right on top of a cottonmouth and at one point a rio grand turkey. the snake just disappeared without even a track to follow and the turkey ran behind a cactus and teleported somewhere Staff Edit - Stop using expletives.
  3. I can't believe how bad it is. I just played for over 2 hours and every time you think you will win one opponent will have one card better. If I have a pair of kings someone has a pair of aces, I had a king high straight they have an ace. I once went all in with a pair of aces, they laid down the cards and 2 sevens pop up and he wins with 3 of a kind sevens. And I just folded and watched the 3 players play. first had 2 pair, 5's and seven. Second had 2 pair 5's and nine's, third player had 2 pair 5's and queens. Now thats 6 five cards on the table with one deck, WTF
  4. about two weeks ago I decided to clean up some achievements after finishing game and took off automatic saves for manual. In that 2 weeks I collected all collectibles, killed almost all legendary animals, collected alot of rare items for trinkets and so on. Well my internet provider shut down to update and every thing I did for 2 weeks is now gone because I forgot to put it back to auto save. My problem is now all legenday animals I killed previously won't appear but on the map it shows them without the cross over them, so I can't kill them again to get the trinkets again
  5. I just spent 3 days watching multiple vids on collecting all demon and angel artifacts. I collected every angel and demon yet somehow if you upgrade an enchantment too many times with angel you can't get achievement. I currently have too many demon artifacts and I am one short of getting last upgrade for 5th balanced crap. since there are no more angel artifacts to collect i'm fucked
  6. I have so many complaints in this game. First and formost is lack of fast travel like they have in Assassins creed. Yes I know about coaches and trains but when your starting out with no money I don't bother. I love the world and looking at sites but I work for gov't and have a family so 1-2 hours every other day means doing pretty much nothing in this game unless you have alot of time. Second biggest complaint is I just did a mission and shot a guy 8 times in chest and he still got up. Also if I put a bullet regardless of caliber between a guys eyes it should be death, not just knock off his hat, I actually had to put 3 bullets into a guys head befor he dropped
  7. yeah after 5 deaths fighting first boss on easiest i'll take the 70 dollar loss, I can afford it. Not worth the frustration i'm already showing. First having the dodge as RB is the most retarded thing i've seen. People this game is brutal, beware. I honestly would like to meet the devs and bitch slap their asses
  8. so far only 10 minutes in and died 3 times fighting envy on easiest difficulty. looks like i'll be done playing this real soon, not fun at all.
  9. I don't know what I did, have zero tutorials, half way through game and I just realized about dead eye or red eye, never told me it was an option. Also I seen someone paint like 4-5 targets in red eye, still have no idea how to do that
  10. Whenever I have to chase after someone on horse, to keep up, I keep hitting "A" to go faster or keep pace. But to fire gun I need to hit "A" which causes my horse to slow down. Am I missing something because this game has zero help on how to do anything. It just assumes you know. For example, first time I had to fight never explains how to hit or block, or when in a gunfight how to take cover, never explained to hit LB. Unless my version is different, because there is zero tutorial in my game.
  11. I loved the first 2 and even bought the HD remake but if it's hard like dark souls i'll pass. I personally like playing almost all games on hardest difficulty like Halo, COD, battlefront, Borderlands, and so on. But Dark souls was just so brutal in how hard it was it wasn't fun at all. Never even gotten past first 1/2 hour due to boredom. I loved the first 2 games and yes beat both on hardest playthrough but gonna wait and see just how hard this is. I played and loved these games because of there zelda like puzzles and great gameplay. I don't play them for Dark souls just like I won't play my first Fallout game as a NPC free world with nothing in it
  12. I'm at the quest Peloponnesian League and killed all 5 smaller guys but the sage only says 4/5 clues found. I then remembered the first dude killed was on a ship and I Spartan kicked his ass off where he died and didn't realize I had to get confirm kill. Now I have no idea where his body is under the water. I'm pretty sure this is what I missed, if not any hints
  13. Don't know if there is I tried looking around but one simple mission ran almost 45 minutes just going to and fro, even though I love the game due to work and family I don't have hours to spend just traveling. I mean in assassins creed can you imagine how long it would take to go from one Greek Island to another if no fast travel
  14. I've played every game so far since first star wars. Even though I enjoy them after dozens of games you would think they would learn. Just 1 example, because I could list dozens. First I have finished "Arkham Barely Believe it" twice now and collected every red brick, canister, etc. And twice it doesn't give achievement for completing level, so I'll play a third time. If people want more examples let me know, I have dozens of things that can't be done
  15. Also to make it even harder, sometimes when you save at campfire, it doesn't matter. It will still put you where it wants in the game. I'm now at oil field and beat 1st and 2nd area of all enemies, then saved. When I died fighting the 12 or so enemies in next area where you learn to use poison arrow it put me back to original save even though I saved it after clearing first 2 areas
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