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  1. Looking to start this game this weekend. Username on GFWL and steam is RRIKER Also, I have the mega team exp boost since it was only 60 cents during the steam sale
  2. Anyone willing to do this for the PC version? I will be glad to perpetuate it to others for a few months. Could pay back with help in other games (except DR2:PC, as I reached the install limit). Send me a message on XBL as I rarely check x360a now I now have an AvO save for PC. send me a message and I'll see what I can do PC ONLY!
  3. I had a save file on easy and used that with the system clock trick. However, I didn't have to disable the internet (I was using steam as well). I saved the last holiday for a real visit (there is one every month) and popped online. Check my profile. (gamertag: RRIKER stead name: RRIKER) The weirdest part was steam said I had 1229 hours played toward the end, but soon corrected itself after I reverted to real time.
  4. I went through easy (I'm an idiot) and normal and both times the last one was in the Hobo town at the end of the church road. before that, I happened upon another that were not talking in crime alley
  5. MOnday is columbus day here in the states, so a lot of people have off. at 10am EST, I'll be online with a few others who are looking for a quick co-op run. Post here if you want in so all of us can buddy up
  6. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=146499 Please read the stickies before posting. Thanks! request tread lock, Thanks!
  7. I don't know why this page doesn't have a PC-only thread, but us PC users need 1-2 more dedicated people for TIR. send me an xbox live message because we usually only check the "other site" I can't mention here.
  8. Correct. I will highly recommend not seeing it before going through the good series.
  9. We don't talk about G-Saviour. It's the Star Wars X-Mas special of the Gundam universe.
  10. As for alternate universes: After Colony era (AC 195-196) -New Mobile report: Gundam Wing (1995) -Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (OVA) Entire show free to watch on youtube (legally): http://www.youtube.com/show?p=L78TtaJkPx4&tracker=show0 By far, one of the best shows on Toonami. 5 Gundam pilots fight for colonial independence using guerrilla tactics and old-school extreme measures (reseting a bone by oneself, self-distruct without a second thought, BLOWING UP A COLONY IN ONE SHOT WITH A SUPERWEAPON). Animation quality is just below Cowboy Beebop, but it's still pretty alright for a 52-episode series. After War -Gundam X (1996) Massive colony drops ruined the Earth and Gorrod Ran has a plan to sell Gundams for scrap. He stumbles upon the X Gundam and I don't really need to explain this plot by now. Alright series. Allusions to Previous UC events imply this takes place looooooooong after Victory Gundam. Future Century - Mobile Fighter G Gundam (1994) Holy crap, this series is every national sterotype you can muster. Chinese dragon Gundam, Football and Boxing American gundam, Fencing and roses France gundam, Windmill Netherlands gundam and more. This show, should anyone have watched it, set back foreign relations 20 years. That being said, It's a fun show and a great overall storyline, with action sequences resembling Dragonball Z (late DBZ). Superb Music. Correct Century - Turn A Gundam (1999) Alludes to this taking place thousands of years after the UC. People of the moon invade Earth and try to take a continent. Boy finds mobile suit, yadda yadda... Cosmic Era -Gundam SEED (2003) -Gundam SEED Destiny To be honest, this was a little too emo for me, so I skipped it. Started to lose faith in Gundam at this point. Our timeline (2307-2311 AD) - 00 Gundam (2007) http://www.youtube.com/show?p=AQRf-jhQt5I Wow. Forgive me for doubting new Gundam. This series (both seasons) were fantastic. Wonderful plot, interesting characters, and daunting situations make this series highly entertaining. It helps that is't free on Youtube
  11. There's a bunch of confusion around here regarding names and timelines so let me clear this up: Universal Century 0079-0080 aka "The One Year War" -Mobile suit Gundam (1979) -08th MS team (1996-1999 recently remastered) -Gundam 0080: War in the pocket (1989) Mobile suit gundam (Full Series): http://www.youtube.com/show?p=AixyDrpSv9s This timeline contains the original series (compilation movies may move too fast for full appreciation, but watch them and if it's too much at once, slow it down with the full series of episodes). It features Amuro and Char, the two main Aces of the Gundam universe. MSG shows the one year war from the persective of a Federation ship of reugees and talented kid pilots thrust into war. 0080 is an extremely short series about a boy who befriends a Zeon spy platoon in the final days of the war. 08th MS team is my personal favorite and tells the story of the war from a Fed. command outpost in southeast asia. The animation is superb and the story really gives the atmosphere of grunts and rookies just trying to survive the war. Universal Century 0083 (Operation Stardust) - Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (1983) A medium-sized tale of the the theft of an experimental mobile suit by Zeon remnants and the Federation crew tracking them down. Nice action. Universal Century 0087-0088 (Titans, AEUG, Neo-Zeon) -Zeta Gundam (1985) -Gundam ZZ (1986) Zeta Gundam (Full episodes): http://www.youtube.com/show?p=z8JGMtVOWcw As the Federation Titans abuse their power, the AUEG tries to stop the atrocities committed int eh name of control. Neo-Zeon gains power soon after. Zeta was re-released as a compilation, but the original series ending is damn depressing. Watch the compilations and last episode. Guest-stars Amuro (small role) and Char (larger role). ZZ is a continuation of the series with a group of newtype kids. So many people die in these two shows it's unreal. Universal Century 0093 - Char's Counterattack (1988) Char takes over the role of evil and attempts to force a full migration to space. Amuro must stop him. 90 minutes of intense drama and a final climactic end to a Rivalry spanning their entire professional careers. Also, Char's a pedo. Universal Century 0096 -Gundam unicorn (2010-????) Still ongoing. Pretty cool so far. Universal Century 0123 and 0153 - Gundam F91 (1991) - Victory Gundam (1993) F91 is a quick movie about the attempts to build an extraterrestrial empire among the colonies. Victory Gundam has Uso. I hate Uso. Victory also gave the creator ulcers and printed DVDs that say "Don't buy these!". other than that, it's about a spaceborn empire that attempts to wipe the earth clean of life? That's the UC
  12. RRIKER


    Q: It's 2011... is it impossible to get the leaderboard achievements now? A: Nope...One of my good buddies 100'd the game recently, but whereas the guide tells you 7-8 games, you can up that number by about a 1,000+ Q: How long will the 5000 matches take? A: Depends on how fast you run through them. If you don't have a full lobby of 8, you're looking at a 2 minute load time PER MATCH, so that's ~167 of waiting for a match to start. For the sake of your soul, I'd work on some pausable WP7 games, fall in love with sudoku, or post here. I think I'll be doing situps to see if 167 hours can give me a six-pack. <wink wink, ladies> Q: At which levels does one Act end and the next begin? A: Spoilers, but you can figure this out if you read the quide. Hint: You'll get the ACT achievement after two specific boss fights. Q: Can I boost with another account on my roommate's/family member's/backup box? A: Sure. One gold account per box. The fastest would be 8 boxes, 8 copies, 8 gold accounts, and 8 controllers. Send me a picture of how you control even half that with just you and/or your lego mindstorms robot minions. Q: Will you boost with me RRIKER? No one wants to boost this game! A: There's about one post every 2 weeks in the trading thread, liar. If you REALLY can't find anyone (here or other places I won't mention), send me a message. Keep in mind I work crazy long hours 9am-8pm and I have to do all my own laundry. If you catch me online (I'm part leperchaun), I'll make an effort to play with you. Q: Will I get these achievements if I play the PC version? A: No. Lawd knows I wish that were the case, but this is not a GfWL title. Playing the PC version will net you bupkis in points, but you might find a renewed passion for fast-paced FPS. The best achievement is unlocked in your soul. mods: sorry for upping a 3-year old thread, but I felt the sticky deserved updated content
  13. Looking for people to do TIR on the PC version. Absolutely no one plays this on the PC so I can't even try getting it legit. Send me a XBL message since I barely check the forums anymore
  14. Figured since there are a few missions which can give you a case of ltmkilla-sized rage quit, we might as well have a centralized location to request/offer tips for some of the harder missions (I remember the hardest mission in the last game was that stupid forced gyan [Don Quixote]). Anyway, post your most frustrating missions here, along with how you beat them (if you did), respond to others having trouble, or request a strategy for the one you are stuck on. As always, read the read and use the search tool first before making a request. Thanks!
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