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  1. The missing matchbox piece is in the circle of stars that you jump into a few times for an achievement. Just jump into the stars again and the matchbox piece will fall down next to the carpet
  2. gray

    Sultan RS

    Got it now many thanks. Is very bland as Karin Sultan, but upgrades nice to Sultran RS. Many Many thanks for your help.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find this car. Have looked at the locations on youtube vids and still can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. It's the Subrau impreza lookalike and was in GTA 4. Many thanks
  4. A simple 'Please do not power off. Update in progress' would solve a lot of problems. I seen the 'green screen of death' after the update for 5 mins and though 'shit, my xbox one's broke'. So I powered it off which actually did cause it break.
  5. That's kinda what happened. Update download ok, then i had to reboot it cos it got stuck on green screen. It was running for a few hours afterwards but was unstable and lagging. Next time I turned it on it wouldn't boot up. Rang MS and they said 'have you downloaded the update' and when cold reboot failed, said it needed repair. So I'm now guessing cos I turned it off during the 'green screen update' it got corrupted.
  6. After pre-ordering an xbox one day one ed with forza 5, the console 'died' 3 weeks later after an update from MS. Forza 5 is a brilliant game, shame it's let down by the console. Took the console back to game uk and got a full refund. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Managed to bag myself an xbox one day one ed with free forza 5. Console lasted 3 weeks before 'green screen of death' after an update. This was meant to be an Xmas present but didn't even last till Xmas. Got a full refund from game uk, as don't trust MS anymore.
  8. Many thanks for adding GR4H4M 4 to the list. However I've managed to get these achievements using a dummy account. 125 - 150 races x 2 days earned enough credits. Good luck with the thread and keep up the good work.
  9. Pls can you add GR4H4M 4 to the list. I have a Fiesta ST '14 design and tuned to C500. Will work with other peoples design's / tunes Many Thanks
  10. Thank you so much. Has the same paint job as the day one edition cars and is tuned to the top of it's class (A700). Very nice car.
  11. Hi, Tried getting Grand Prix Gold with both Indy cars and the achievement never poped up. Oh well, better get the F1 car while it's 1/2 price
  12. Hi, Sorry don't know how this works but I have shared 2 design's with Tune Up's for the achievement's 1 x Subrau STI 04 (colin mcrea 555 Livery) plus tune up 1 x Fiesta ST '14 (Ford Tiger Stripes) plus tune up All Tagged x360a. GT: GR4H4M 4 Will use other design's / tune up's if needed.
  13. Would be grateful if you could download pics for achievement. Put up 8-10 pics of a Subrau 555 and Fiesta ST. Have tagged photo's with x360a. GT: GR4H4M 4 Will return the favour Many thanks Edit: Got it now. Many Thanks to all who helped
  14. This can be done in a rented P1 and MUST be connected to the Internet. Didn't realise I was signed in locally. Retryed once hooked up and it worked 1st time. strange..
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