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  1. Looking for team for crazy and hard mode. Cant be done with randoms. So lmk if anyone is keen to get togther and team up. im from australia and with a mic
  2. i have had trouble with connecting to ea servers in other games in the past, but this game is going fine for me (so far)
  3. Heeey! loving this game to bits just like the first one... its "just one more game" at 2am when u got work the next day kinda games Now just wonding what is everyone favorite character to use? why? mine would be easily the Sunflower... the vampire sunflower being my number one... she looks the coolest and with the dark flower pot for extra dmg, its too much fun
  4. I be inactive for 4-5 days as just moved into new house with no internet connection.. Just letting the guild know
  5. thats great news! tho i got the ''use 4 treasure maps'' quest which still doesnt work
  6. im in the progress of moving houses atm, and will be done by the end of week.. meaning i wont have internet connected at my new place for a short while (week or so.) i would like to stay in this guild and i will be active a lot once im back online. is this fine?
  7. can i get invite for guild please? Code: JESTER_7
  8. i might join.. its just that i put in some work with my guild.. kinda hard to leave it
  9. yea i find the story mode to be a cakewalk for the most part, emeny troops have low HP and easy pickings
  10. i got a guild of my mine.. its lvl 3 atm and got few randoms who are donating a lot of gold. clan name is 7UProom. if your interested in joining or the other guilds are full, lmk and i send u a invite
  11. Shadow dragon got him teamed up with lady sapphira and wight true damage FTW
  12. yea i got a legendary troop who poisons all enemy troops and it seems that they just stay on 1 HP and cant die, i tested it for a while..
  13. Hey, does anyone know if poison can kill a troop when they are only on 1 heart point? thanks
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