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  1. 1000+ views and no one to 'vote' on completion time! *tss tss tss* These polls are a nice feature to this site. Make sure to use them across this and/or other threads!! According to PS3T, would be 100+ hrs According to another site, 120-150hrs on avg. I didn't vote, as I didn't start playing it yet.
  2. I log in multiple times a day on x360a. As you certainly know, I've been a member to this site for 9 years now, if I'm not mistaken. Back then, it was and today still is the best site for achievements guides, always top on with games related news fresh from the press, the accurate reviews, and many other features which I can't find on any other site (not even TA). I keep my own achievement progression here on this site, and my games wishlist is updated frequently here too. When posting messages on TA, it happens that I put a link to this site as well and send people over here So don't you worry mate, I'm staying loyal to x360a (and ps3t, although I have none)
  3. Having never heard of this title, this game drew my attention by reading an article about the glitched achievement (Hunter X Hunter) being obtainable now (TA link) Not many gamers seem to have bought this game so far, and I wasn't able to find any achievement guides on sister site PS3Trophies.org either. Heck, it's not even on PS! So, I want to thank the OP for posting these useful tips which will certainly help in completing the game and avoid another playthrough.
  4. HeyPuzzler,I voted like I promised to do;) Anyways, already +100hrs into the game and still loving it (addicted to it would be more appropriate). People/fans loved the original trilogy with Shepard. So, It was kind of a big challenge to make a 4th ME that would quinch our thirst. Personally, I believe they did a good job, even with those few bugs here and there. I must confess I had to turn difficulty down during my 1st playthrough. Was losing too much time in re-doing same level over again. Now I have access to best weapons and armors and augmentations which will make Insanity look like as if I'm playing on narrative
  5. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=269059


    (but I saw you actually created one yourself apparently...) :)

  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know it's a good thing you put on each game the Difficulty Rating and Estimate Completion Time, as with the PS3trophies site.

    Too bad people don't actually intensively 'vote'. I tried something similar with the game Vanquish a while ago, and people seemed eager for it.

    Anyways, I commit myself to actually 'vote' when I come across one of your polls and IF I (almost) completed a game.


  7. With the game on sale this week (till Tuesday 25th of April '17), maybe some of you are wondering the same question as the OP (and so did I). The sale being at $2,99, I honestly don't think it would hurt to get it. According to sister site Ps3trophies, difficulty is around 5/10. Time to 1k would be between 25-35hrs. Gamer's rating/game approval is at 70/100. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/legend-of-kay-anniversary-ps3/guide/ According to TA, only 141 registered gamers have got this game and only 11 completed it, bringing the ratio at 2,9 (2906TA/1000GS) Gamer's rating on TA is only 2.6/5 https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Legend-of-Kay-Anniversary/achievements Here a vid or two I found on YouTube regarding the gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH3qRcPDowI Honestly, at this price, I think I'm going to add this one to my... backlog
  8. Same here... The EOS' Vault was immediately accessible right after leaving it. Got cutscene all over again as if I was in the vault for the 1st time. Reloading 'last save' did not work ; got stuck in the vault. Going to 'Load Game' and select the autosave right after leaving the vault and returning to EOS' planet surface, got me back on track. Thanks!!
  9. None of them links seem to work any longer...
  10. I just completed the game with Dorian on easy (yes I did). The guides says that no achievements seem to be missable... I have found all the stars in World 2 (Wilderness) but I need a few from World 1 (Sektor Zero) In the "Mop Up", the guides say you can just replay levels to get anything missing. Well, I can actually select chapters but only from World 2. There's no way to get back to the first part of the game, or am I missing something? Because, if there's no way to return to the first part of the game through level select, at least the achievements "Nowhere to Hide" and "Ultimate Weapon" should be considered as missable. I said "at least". Ultimate Weapon because you need to get both RP on ALL the levels!! And, once you get to World 2, you can't return to World 1 to get the remainder... EDIT: I just found out myself how to go back to World 1. When in 'Chapter Select', when the windows of the selected world (2-1 to 2-8) is highlightened, just press the B button and you can select between World 1 and 2.
  11. Blizzard Mountain... I used the Audi #2 Sport Quattro S1 to get my 3 stars on almost all challenges (drift, speed trap, speed zone). The tune I used is from KJtoofresh, which was just the perfect tune do to the speed as well as drifts, whilst having a car with a good handling (I suck a drifting).
  12. I agree. I almost completed every single Forza 2, 3, and 4. Forza 4, there's no way any more to get the Unicorn Car. When the game was just out, I couldn't afford a Unicorn Car. The prices in the auction house were exorbitant. Forza 5... today, the servers seem to be down. These seem to be down quite a while. Why? The game is only 3 years old and available on the xbox one?! Again... why??? I can play older games (Racedriver GRID, NFS Carbon, etc) and the servers are still up!!! Then those tracks... Always the same tracks across all Forza Motorsport series... booooooring! Forza Horizon... yet a big improvement and I really enjoined the game. But then again, totally unable to unlock 3 achievements related to the Club 1000 expansion because of being unable to buy some cars which are necessary for these achievement, although I have ALL the Car Packs. They. Just. Don't. Show. Up. Nah... No more Forza for me!!
  13. Any news on this yet? I'm totally unable to create a private match, nor able to join people in drift or drag races. I always get the message "contacting servers" and immediately after that I get "failed to join session" ... And yes, my NAT is open. Haven't had problems with other games (AC:Brotherhood, Forza Horizon, etc) doing online stuff.
  14. Thanks Tiger. I did actually discover it today. Cleaned the cache (cold boot) on the X1, then did the local co-op and eliminated each track one by one. Turned out it was The Plaza that I was missing ; I didn't come across that map in career mode until 2nd Pro league... Achievement popped as soon as the game loaded on The Plaza. Didn't have to finish te race. Which makes me conclude that it doesn't matter if you do the forward or reverse version of the track in order to register it.
  15. Anyone experiencing "Around the Block" as glitchy? I am level 31, in Season 1 in Pro division, and pretty sure I did almost every track (both Forward and Reverse) and I still didn't get the achievement. I have been playing online yesterday with someone who was only level 19 and I saw that he had this one unlocked already...
  16. People should make use of these polls (like on sister site PS3trophies). I gives a good indication to others hesitating whether to buy a title or not.
  17. Update... After finishing a random quest (The Silver Shroud), problem still there. I tried blowing up the cars around the holes, only one mole rat came out so there was still one left. I tried using a missile launcher and a mini nuke. Nothing helped. I came back with Dogmeat instead of Piper, in case he might sniffle the mole rat out. No luck either. Then... I went to a hole and just bashed it with the weapon (RB)... tada 7XP and quest finished.
  18. Has solution been found already? I have the same problem. I have to clear out 3 mole rat holes. One showed up, killed it, and now there's only two left to go but they just don't spawn. Been travelling elsewhere and when I got back, still no new mole rats. It has also been reported as an official bug. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Taking_Point I'm now doing The Silver Shroud sidequest just to see if it helps. I'll update later...
  19. Well, Lionhead is no more ... happy now? I loved them Fables... and Fable Legends looked promising imho
  20. Being on sale atm and reading the positive feedback, think I'll get me both games.
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