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  1. I have yet to find any MP game that wasn't repetitive to some extent. Im not sure that it is any more or less repetitive from any fighter, racer, or FPS ever made. Its different by its theme, and the human factor very much plays a role. It's a nice change of pace, much like what makes Siege different than every other shooter. You can hack and slash, but teamwork and strategy can be a big part of the game too. Especially with countering and using the best combos for the right situation. Tons of customization. Hopefully they add more game modes in the future, but i think its a great game IMO
  2. This game is plagued by the same as any other free poker game. While it is a fun game on a basic level, it caters to low levels to promote itself. You lose on the river far too often, pocket face cards will lose to lower pockets with greater frequency if your in a tournament, you will get dealt the same hand in consecutive hands, and 3 of the same will drop on flop way more than is realistic. Its a shame, as the game can be fun. If you play it long enough, the issues are laughable. It will be dead in a year, which sucks. They might of had a great poker game with all the other elements that are in it, but it appears its impossible to have a true random game. Very similar to WSOP on the 360.
  3. You could not have given me a bigger reason to pick this up in a year. Thank you!!
  4. Hahaha. Yea that game is utter dogshit. We can "call" it whatever we want, but it isn't poker. Just a typical money grab by Microsoft
  5. Yea this game is definate;y not what I expected....
  6. Sweet! Glad they are still supporting this.
  7. Great guide thank you.
  8. Yea I could never really get into it...
  9. Eh, to each their own I guess. I personally find it very fun.
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