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  1. I'm still missing Oblivion Walker due to missing 1 and hold on to my hopes that a DLC will have one.
  2. Downloaded this 3 times now.. I still don't see anything new in the menu. I've tried both normal and vault hunter mode and nothing. Where do I go to start this and/or what is the mission name/area I am looking for? Getting a little frustrated here.
  3. Yeah, I just joined a game and was outside the wall. The cheevo popped when it was turned in. All those other games must have been on normal mode.
  4. For some reason I am not getting credit for beating Gee the invincible. I have been in several games where it says to turn it in. If I turn it in, then I get no reward because I've already done it. When I load my own game, it still says I have to beat Gee. Is this some kind of glitch?
  5. Are you basically stating that the chubby spawns from the garbage truck and won't be spawned walking around when the door is first opened? I've been trying this over and over and only get bad-ass from the truck.
  6. Thank You. Looks like Aggie's Camp was the last one I needed.
  7. I'm pretty sure this area is why I haven't got the Blight Explorer yet. This spot is the only one showing not found. Can anyone tell me how to get to this location?
  8. Thanks. I needed these for the "Challenge Accepted". I ended up finding a Bouncing Betty Grenade. Like you said... the name was in the title. My problem with the other grenade was that it was homing. I ended up using just a regular explosive grenade that did electrical damage. That did the trick. Now... if I can only find Jenkins.
  9. I seem to be having problems knowing how to tell which grenades these are. Can someone help me understand? Thanks.
  10. Actually, don't you need to find one to complete level 1 for "Challenge Accepted"?
  11. So.. I started this off as Wolf. Now I'm done and I read that Serana can offer to make you a vampire infinitely. Serana is currently my companion and I can't get any dialog to make me a vampire. How can I get her to turn me?
  12. Yeah, after playing I had missed one. Too bad.
  13. Please tell me this DLC has at least 1.
  14. When they do, I hope they have at least 1 Daedric artifact quest in it. That's the only thing I need for the full 1000G.
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