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  1. I did a private multiplayer match to work on my millage achievement with Drivatars Highly Skilled. All Ferrari F430S cars. Go to Game Options in the lobby and Car Restrictions. Change make and model to Ferrari 430 S. The Drivatars will be 710. My Ferrari 430 S was 798 slightly upgraded. Follow lead car at almost max speed and keep getting close and tapping accelerator rapid. Took me two 10 lap races on the Daytona Tri-Oval
  2. I'm having same issue guys. Anyone wanna boost the achievements in a private game? Cheers
  3. I would like to boost the multiplayer achievements for the 1000g as I can't seem to find anyone playing online. Ps I don't have the DLC. Gamertag PAUL WEALL 26. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm looking to boost all multiplayer achievements as fast as possible from tomorrow 12pm UK time. Anyone interested then please message my Gamertag: PAUL WEALL 26. THANKS
  5. Fully agree. I've been checking for months now and no new ones have been available. Seems ridiculous.
  6. Still need to boost? I'm looking to do 2014 2013 and 2012. GT PAUL WEALL 26
  7. Hi, I'm looking to boost F1 2014, 2013 and 2012 all online achievements asap as I only have one month gold available at the moment. Buying an Xbox One soon so will also be doing F1 2015. Cheers. Gamertag: PAUL WEALL 26.
  8. Fully Agree, this has been annoying me since F1 2010 lol. Just adds an unrealistic touch to the game. It can't be a licensing issue as our driver looks nothing like any of the real F1 drivers yet we still wear their name!
  9. Sorry Guys i have finished my Boosting now and sold the game! Good Luck with your Superstar Achievement.
  10. Are you still boosting this Frozen? I want in!! Let me know mate, boost weekend or summat. Message my Gamertag if your interested Cheers
  11. Need a team of 8 People to boost this Achievement as i wanna sell this game very soon. 2 Teams of 4 people in online Pro mode. We can just trade wins. Message my Gamertag if Interested. PAUL WEALL 26. Cheers
  12. I fully Agree with #8.. This game is ultra good. Im loving it. Just having a problem with the Pit Assist, I always race with Pit Assits turned off but it seems to be on all the time and the car still auto brakes.
  13. Create a SINGLE quad that covers the entire width of the grid on Every level. I spent 2 days working on this achievement and couldn't understand why it wasn't unlocking. The word SINGLE is imperative. You can't have any small quads touching your Long main Quad or it will void it. A good method to building your large quad is almost only using 2 different pieces which are shaped like this: ----- and '---- And pile the other shapes as far away from your intended Snake Quad as possible. Then Build a 2 high long shape across the screen ie ========== Then use almost all pieces to make the top (3rd) line. Hope this HELPS! PS Use Free Mode and once the quad is fully created and has changed colour just quit and move onto the next level.
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