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  1. Re: Microsoft buying Activision, I'm not a fan from a consumer standpoint, but as an Xbox owner, it's cool. Not a whole lot of franchises I'm all that interested in, though. Also some food for thought:
  2. That's fair. I watched it in one sitting. I don't think Marvel has put out anything bad in MCU so far but I would put this in the bottom half.
  3. Eternals - 4/5 Liked but not loved. Felt like it dragged on a bit and coulda used a shorter run time.
  4. My first one of 2022 was: Wait, I Can Throw Those? in Halo Infinite. I thought we could share achievements from Xbox.com, but I can't figure out how. Oh well.
  5. The Brumak is one I wanted ever since I saw it, but that was way after its price went up. I own five: Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Baby Groot, Baird from Gears, and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. I think they're cool but I'm not going to get into collecting them other than one here and there.
  6. For now, it is done. Fuck those stupid challenges, though. I have no time for those. Moved to The Bunker for a quickie before jumping into Halo Infinite (finally).
  7. I'm feeling the same way, kinda the same as last year honestly. I'm so burnt out on the pandemic and work and all of that is kinda snowballing together for me right now. I am looking forward to being off next week; that'll be nice.
  8. I saw the rating comment earlier up thread but wanted to respond directly to this. My first thought was more like how Evil Within than Alan Wake 1. AW definitely leaned more action than survival, which I ultimately prefer. That said, with a M rating, let's gooooooooo!!
  9. Alan Wake 2 as survival horror is an interesting approach. I wonder just how "survival" it will be.
  10. Yes, loved Odyssey. I put about 200 hours into it. I was in a different place in life, so I got through it in a more calendar efficient way (and also took a break in between some DLC). I'm not really complaining about Valhalla; I'm enjoying it overall.
  11. That looks nice. Were you able to get the steelbook without the game?
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