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  1. I just wanted confirmation on when it will be out not a flame war lol, and I have seen tons of created skins online for the pc version that look awesome.
  2. Game Add-Ons Minecraft Skin Pack 1 (MGS) - 10-Jul - 160 MSP Babel Rising: Sky’s the Limit DLC (Ubisoft) - 11-Jul - 240 MSP Mass Effect 3: Earth Multiplayer Expansion (Electronic Arts) - 17-Jul - FREE Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike Map Pack (Ubisoft) - 17-Jul - 800 MSP Why is it listed as one of the game add ons this week then?
  3. Thought it would be out by now since it said July 10th. Oh well guess I have to wait.
  4. Where do I find the skin pack to download? I checked the marketplace and couldn't find anything.
  5. I played three matches earlier of this and got tired of it pretty quick. Every match had those people who camp with ghost and the famas. The UAV spam is rediculous now it's like everyone who used support streaks on MW3 come to this and just use UAV and CUAV.
  6. Is there an easy way to get Specialist kills for each gang after you complete the game? I still need those for the challenges.
  7. Die Hippies Die! Ms. Teacher Bangs a Boy Make Love Not Warcraft The Mystery of the Urinal Duece Those are just some of my favorites.
  8. What do you do with these? I have like 30 of them but no idea what to do with them.
  9. http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/3865/gtrfc.jpg
  10. Think i'm at level 26 driver level now.
  11. Oh so you can go past level 50 driver level now? That's awesome and if they had a couple double exp weekends that would be amazing haha.
  12. Interesting I guess I should have added what car you use the most as well that would be kind of neat.
  13. Kind of a simple thread just hoping people would post what driver levels they are at and what is their highest manufacturer affinity levels. Mine is driver level 25 and my best affinity is Mazda which is at 11 mainly because I love the RX-8 and the RX-7 I wish there was a way I could get the 02 Rx-7 unicorn car haha.
  14. I didn't get the message on FM3, did I have to pre-order FM3 to get it or what? I really hope there is another way to get it because I love that car.
  15. So how do you get the 2002 RX-7? I don't have it in FM3 so does that mean I can't get it in FM4? I pre-ordered the game though.
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