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  1. Site has become complete garbage. The checklist of game's achievements was one of the main reasons I used this site. Now the aut tracking makes it like every other site & is is lacking in every other aspect, so I see no need to use this site any more (After being a member for over 11 years. Sad Days.....)
  2. As the title says, the Update of a Game's list is Broken. It' keeps giving, a blank white page with, "404 Error. Page not found", after clicking on the "Save Changes" Button. It may not be every game (as in the newer games lists that auto-update when checked, which I unchecked & checked & they updated fine), but I have already come across it in Yooka-Laylee & Warframe. This occurred after there was an issue with the Servers the other day (Kept getting Server Busy. Try again shortly. And this happened the whole weekend.)
  3. You need to make a change. It's to Zoom, not
  4. Great Escape DOES NOT need to be done on Hard Mode. I can confirm that.
  5. Depressing. At least she made a friend, in the end.
  6. As the title says, DO NOT man out your character's stats. THis breaks this crappy game. What happens is, @ the end of the level, you will probably get at least 1 point @ the end. When it goes to the next screen, where you spend your points, you are maxed & can not spend anything, so when you go to press the continue, nothing happens. This happened to me in a side mission (tired it 5 times, reset, reinstalled, etc.) & in a main mission (Got the Achievmement for completing it though). The only option is to close the game & when you restart it, it acts like you never played it yet & starts up @ the beginning of that level. This almost as bad as when my save reset itself completely when I started it back up yesterday.
  7. There are 7 vids total. Here is the link to the 7 vid playlist: And then each individual Vid: Credit goes to Aussie Gamer 17 Enjoy:yay:
  8. More like a 0.4. Controls in Rabbit Level are horrible & the same goes with the driving, but the game is VERY easy. Just remember to walk straight when you leave the office building & you will get the missable achievement.
  9. 1-2 hours. Really simple. Level when U play as a rabbit is a little frustrating, since the controls are so bad & the driving section has very poor controls.
  10. If anyone gets stuck, here is a link to a playlist of a walkthrough every level. (Credit to: Dwaggienite for his work)
  11. The Price says TBA, but it will be $15, the same price it is on Steam, which launches on January 31st. here is the page link, if you want to see any pics or the vids. that graphics are really bacd & the style is more in the way of NES. Lovecraft's Untold Stories - Steam Page
  12. If anyone was looking for some sort of guide for this, our Sister Site has a nice one. I used this to play :gaming:both versions on my alts. Get Even - Guide & Roadmap - PST
  13. Since no one has responded to this, I guess I will, for anyone looking for help with these. For Abilities Master, It has been patched. Now it has been changed from 30 to 32. If you have finished the story, you can not go back & will have to start a new game. The Idols are now shown in the new mini-map & look like little wine glasses. For Defend Together, (This is from tazy1956 @ TrueAchievements), It worked for me on my alt.
  14. WOW! Awesome Job SwissGameGuides And I love the fact it is universal, as it will work on ALL platforms, so if I play it on the PS4 or Steam, it will work there, as well.
  15. As the title says, if you are lloking for a Guide, our sister site has one Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Trophy Guide & Road Map The only changes would be: no , & the following button changes: is is is is is is
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