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  1. TROPHY - Xbox/NES from Gradual Games and 8BitLegit Upgrade Locations Guide Health Upgrades Warehouse: After the long ladders, you'll enter a horizontal room with purple robots jumping down steps. The first pit in this room leads to a health upgrade. Tundra: Immediately after the first long, vertical room in which you climb down ladders, head left instead of right to find the upgrade. Train: Get on top of the train at the first opening in the ceiling and head all the way left to find the upgrade. Weapon upgrades Quarry: In the first long, vertical section that you have to fall down, there's a part near the bottom in which the path branches left (with a dead end), down (the main path), and right (a robot guards this side). Take the path right to the upgrade. Asteroid: At the top of the first long vertical room, there is a ladder leading out of the room. Instead of taking the ladder, jump across to the platform on the left. This leads to a the upgrade.
  2. I wish there was an easier way to get turbo controllers for Xbox... I think the Hori Fighting Commander has turbo!
  3. Does the Elk Adventure DLC help with any Achievements?
  4. To grind for medals, people with turbo controllers can set X, A, and B on autofire and then pick a mission like 1-1 on Hard. You should end up replaying levels endlessly, collecting medals each time - you keep them even if you die. The only downside is if you're too overpowered, you might end up reaching the boss and not getting any medals from the boss level. But pick the right level and difficulty and this works like a charm.
  5. You have to rescue all hostages and stay on the camel to hit 500,000 after beating the first level. That should get you about 600,000 points.
  6. The Charlotte move that this guide intends to refer to is accomplished by pressing the Right Trigger, not the Y button. This performs her hard slash attack. It does work very well against the CPU when you get the timing of your jump attacks right.
  7. This guide is missing the crucial strategy for getting 60K points in Hi Score mode. Perhaps you could add it? https://www.trueachievements.com/a239829/caravan-mode-20000-points-achievement?showguides=1
  8. Thanks for the guide. It would also be helpful to write out the locations of the collectibles, or at least break them down by chapter so we can try to get them without the video. Edit: Here's such a guide: http://www.powerpyx.com/a-plague-tale-innocence-all-collectible-locations-herbariums-curiosities-gifts-carts/
  9. Thanks for the guide. I didn't have to grind - I just naturally got everything by the third level. The third level boss is a pain, but at least you don't have to beat it to earn all of the Achievements.
  10. I would put this at more of a 3 or 4. Getting the two perfects in the first round takes quite a few tries, largely due to the finicky timing window for special moves.
  11. Sorry I didn't make specific notes about which steps are missing - I know that would've been helpful. A couple that were missing in the quoted paragraph included going upstairs for the first time and when to switch back and forth between night and day. Really I just wanted to point out that providing every single step (or making it clear when you're skipping steps) is a good practice for this type of guide.
  12. I really can't figure out how to play this one. How do you avoid enemies once they reach the level border? Any tips and strategies would be appreciated.
  13. I appreciate you making a written guide, and it is a lot of help. However, you sometimes leave out a lot of steps, which results in the guide becoming very confusing. This paragraph, for instance, is missing several steps:
  14. For Overkill, you can position Madeleine slightly to the right of the portcullis/gate so that the guard has no choice but to stand under it as he attacks her. This makes closing the gate on him with Witter much easier - you just have to do it before Maddy's life runs out.
  15. No new Achievements. It's just DLC without Achievements, which is pretty disappointing.
  16. How about a guide or at least some tips then?
  17. In Alice and Wonderland 'Queen's Croquet,' the first secret is found on the left side of a forked path. You won't get it if you take the right-side path.
  18. If you start the game but don't finish it in one sitting, you can normally select previous levels via Level Select. I chose Play Game instead, thinking it would resume where I left off. Instead, it started me at the beginning and reset my progress. Now I can't choose the previous levels and have to do it all over. Whatever you do, don't choose Play Game unless it's your actual first time playing. Hopefully the developers will fix this issue soon.
  19. eastx

    Unexpected allies

    Looks like standing a little inside the cage and waiting for him to come and take a swing at you is the way to go. Don't even bother running out and trying to get his attention.
  20. eastx

    Unexpected allies

    You get this Achievement in the first level, the Circus, by luring the clown into the cage, locking him in, and then releasing the lions to kill him. Does anyone know how to attract the clown into the cage? he does NOT want to follow me in there.
  21. In general: Idle: Siyalatas > Libertas > Mammon > Dora > Mimzee > Solomon > Fortuna Active: Juggernaut > Fragsworth > Bhaal > Mammon > Dora > Mimzee > Solomon > Fortuna That said, buy Dora as soon as she shows up. She's essential for the 'Goldfinger' Achievement. Atman (who boosts the chance of encountering Primal Bosses, and thus increases your Hero Souls income) is also extremely important in the long run. References: http://clickerheroes.wikia.com/wiki/Ancients
  22. Some good speedrun guides here, but they still leave you with some moments of wondering what to do or how to get somewhere. Not this one - I describe every single step, and throw in tips for No Healing and Item Box runs. Lemme know if you see any room for improvement. Resident Evil 7 Speedrun Guide at Windows Central
  23. Have there been any reports of an Xbox One game requiring a Japanese credit card?
  24. They're two different games with different Achievement lists, so the US DLC definitely won't work with the Japanese game. Yes, it's possible to buy Japanese DLC from a US console. NeoGAF has a thread about it.
  25. Here's my Easter Egg guide with descriptions and screenshots for every egg. Hope it helps! Riptide GP: Renegade Easter Eggs Collectibles Guide
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