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  1. Snagged it. I have a vinyl group up. Search gamertag JohnnieMonkey.
  2. I don't even know where to begin explaining the wrongheadedness of this argument. For starters, you are being childish. Referring to GameLoft as Gayloft simply because you are dissatisfied with their products is silly. Grow up. More importantly, you are using the word to mean something negative. While you may not be referring to homosexuality, you are still saying that gay = bad. Have you been keeping up with world news lately? People are being marginalized, ostracized, imprisoned and even killed for their sexual preferences. And we're talking first-world countries here, too. It's insane. Maybe it would behoove you to think before you speak and not contribute to the problem, regardless of how small your contribution might be. Someday it could be that using "gay" to mean "bad" will just be a vague reminder that people used to think homosexuality was wrong. We aren't there yet. (Now then - I know this isn't the place for this, but I had to get it off my chest. Hopefully a mod will be along to clean up this thread and get us back to gaming. Carry on.)
  3. I couldn't pick up the hot dog for the crystal cave monster. After saving and reloading a few times, I finally picked it up by pressing the B button. I'd been using X to pick things up for the entire game, but I now realize X is meant to be "use" while B is "pick up/drop". Edit: On further thought I realize X wasn't working because the hot dog was in front of the machine, so it was just trying to use the machine again. I'm guessing it's not the same problem as others are having.
  4. I have a Toshiba laptop, so I tried to see if I could pick this up. The Windows Store link just loads into the home screen. I also notice that under "release notes" it says "distribution cancelled". I'm guessing the Toshiba version isn't going to happen.
  5. Under "Help & Options" there's a link to "Help & Support". This takes you to the Xbox forums for the game, and there's a post titled Rules of the Game that has full game instructions. Not exactly easy to find, but they did put it in there.
  6. Got the last few folks in the thread for the vinyls achievement. If someone could grab mine, GT is JohnnieMonkey
  7. It can probably be done faster than that if you're really going for it. I was just playing casually. In and out of the room, watching TV simultaneously, that kind of thing. The game does start to drag towards the end, though.
  8. Nonsense. I finished it in just a bit over 20 hours with no great effort.
  9. The GPS wasn't working for me either after the reset. Stuck on zero. I deleted the game and reinstalled (lost everything already anyway, so why not). It's working again, though just as randomly as it did the first time. A walk across the parking lot at work added 5km, but the four mile drive home didn't add anything.
  10. I've always exited by backing out to the main menu and selecting exit. No mid-game dead battery or anything. Nothing out of the ordinary that I can recall. Playing on a Samsung Focus.
  11. So, I get home from work tonight and go for a GPS check-in. I find nada, zip, zilch, everything is gone. GPS is back to 0m, all unlocks are gone and I'm at level 1 again. I hadn't quite decided if I liked this game or not, but this certainly knocks me off the fence.
  12. I'm just curious. I thought maybe they slowed you down or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Just there as a visual distraction, maybe?
  13. Like several others, I screwed up my New Game+ and started on easy again. So, if I finish the New Game+ on easy will I be given the option to try again on hard, or do I need to start a new playthrough from scratch to get the option again?
  14. It seems it'll take even longer than that, at least for me. Near as I can tell I'm only getting scratch earned while I'm logged in to the server. I log in before I start playing, but after a game or two it drops me. It'll ask me to log in again and when I do my scratch resets. At the moment my stats show about 9000 earned, but I only have 2500 or so. Anyone else seeing this sort of thing?
  15. Huh. Good to know what the problem is, but that is some bizarrely stupid game design right there.
  16. It seems to be working again (at least for me). Half-dozen tracks have posted just fine now. And as I type this, I see @thevowel just posted on Twitter that it's been fixed. A+ to everyone involved for prompt fixes.
  17. Yeah, same problem for me. I'm guessing the Trials server is just PACKED at the moment, it being release day and all.
  18. 360 controller for me. Though I do have a Logitech Wingman around here someplace now that I think about it. I'll have to give it a whirl.
  19. Edit: Nevermind, got 'em. Looking to boost the online achievements. GT: JohnnieMonkey
  20. Did you purchase through Steam, or via Xbox.com? If through Steam, you have to go to "Redeem Code" on the main menu and enter the codes they give you to activate the DLC. Not sure if you need to activate if you bought from Xbox.
  21. Still wonky today, but I did at least find that Flight has a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/msflight) where they've said they are aware of the problem and looking into it.
  22. Steam currently has a bundle of the Hawaiian Adventure + Maule + Mustang for $29.99. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/14025/
  23. Judging from what I'm seeing on various forums, it looks like they broke something with yesterday's patch. Same problem for me, exit the game and awards, aerocaches, etc are reset when I next login. They'll probably fix it eventually (and break something else in the process).
  24. Where? I don't see a package deal on Windows Marketplace.
  25. This is still happening. I played about 2/3 of my New Game+ run last night, figured I'd finish in the morning. Now it's morning and I'm clear back at the beginning, just before you drop down and get the bow. Between this and the constant stuttering lag, I have to say I'll be glad to see the back of this game. Isn't worth the money, even on sale.
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