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  1. that's because all the guide on here for Tiltin bridge is for the tank truck.
  2. Does anyone have a list of cars and locations please as this is last silver and gold i need to complete perks?
  3. It's a fun game, it's a football game whats not trying to be FIFA and seems to be a mixture between FIFA Street and Adidas Power Soccer.
  4. To get this to unlock after playing campaign I had to do quick game in Liverpool. Just posting this incase other people had same problem.
  5. I see all hostages have names and does anyone have a list of what hostages appear on what levels because I really don't fancy having to play through last part of every level to find out if I have hostages missing on that level then have to play whole level jut to get one hostage or so. Thank you in advance.
  6. It keeps telling me my parental settings are on so it won't let me on marketplace, I know I have no parental settings on as I have no kids and havn't had any problems on Forza 2 until recent it told me it can't display car graphics online because of my settings. Has anyone else had this problem with this even though they don't have child settings on?
  7. I can't access the section where you can buy cars online because some how I have eneded up with a Irish account even though I live in UK and because MS think i have wrong accoutn for country I'm in I can't buy cars from marketplace in game. Only other games i have had problems with was download content for GOW 2 and COD WAW map packs but i just started another UK account to get these but with this problem i can't just do that. This means it will affect people who have moved countries and use there old gametag. I have even tried to set-up Irish account on purpose by seleceting Ireland and putting UK address in but it just gives me a UK account so i know it's a problem what MS, they have just fobbed me off with and told me to just start another gametag and delete old one but arn't willing to give me MS points for what i have spent and told me about losing my 100k+ score that there is nothing they can do and i'll just have to start again. SentuMessage mention it about moving countries before but MS still have done nothing. Most of us pay money every year for online so there must be something they can do as they get millions of pounds just for us to use the service. One thing i know is i won't be renewing. Sorry to go on but im just sick of getting fobbed off by MS and this message will prob get removed anyway.
  8. You don't have to do full races with cars to unlock achievement, all i dont was 0.1 mile in car then quite race and it counts as yoiu have used car. (guide states that you have to do race, This is not true as you dont have to do whole race) If you do this on tour map you will still gain money and XP for attempting race rather than getting nothing in time trials.
  9. Jusr set up a US account account and buy points from Ebay for US account and you can then play it. hats how i got it in the UK.
  10. Seems strange that there is 2 games with same name and different achievements on it. I know one is retail and one is XBL but it's still strange, thought they would have just chucked the XBL version on disc like they have with other games.
  11. Im surpised there is no achive list for Classic but for the people of you who don't know goto http://www.ps3trophies.org as they have them listed there on ps3 and will be the same for 360 just don't know what the points are.
  12. Mine didn't work either, tried it three times now.
  13. Sounds good but not worth buying mag for.
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