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  1. Any high score, low time mission in any tony hawk game ever is gonna rely on you just manualing into another trick set. I dont understand why they do these types of missions because its literally just a bunch of repetitive tricks being done for nearly 2 minutes lol
  2. Recently bought this after letting sports games go for about 15 years, and now I remember why I took that stance. It is not fun. The gameplay is just so bland and its not consistent. I go to pass and the way im aiming is not the way the ball goes at all. Watched multiple streams and everyone seemed to have the same issue. Funny thing is that wasnt even an issue 15 years ago lol. Sports games are pretty much dead to me. Too inconsistent
  3. Watched this on stream and immediately got uncharted MP vibes, which isnt a bad thing. Sadly I dont think the MP community will ever be big enough to make this game last
  4. I would love to say I have all the achievements for this, but no. I play on PC A LOT and this is one of those games that feels really bad on controller. Need that M&K
  5. I really hope they get rid of the "advanced" movement system n just go back to what people love about the halo series. LISTEN TO YOUR FANS
  6. weezy


    The rebranding of the logo into bubbly letters makes me think the gameplay is gonna feel different as well. Idk what it is but I can see more of a Gears judgement style movement
  7. This game is getting an early reveal in july on the TBS network. It will be an 8 team invitational consisting of the top pro teams. If you've never seen gears of war esports trash talk, you;re going to want to tune in. The best trash talk in esports history BY FAR
  8. I feel really bad for those that have only experienced this game on console. It feels so much better on PC. Can't see myself going for these achievements
  9. Im really surprised more people havent caught onto this series. And especially the origin, you are able to start at the beginning of the saga
  10. Any1 got an opinion on this 1? I wanna buy it just cause its a great series but....
  11. Any1 feeling the same way? I havent bought it due to this because I watch streams and it looks like im watching division 1
  12. I'm so glad they remastered this. Easily my favorite RPG from the 360 era. Glad enough people felt the same. Now if we could get star ocean or lost odyssey
  13. If any1 has played this, is it worth it?
  14. With the sequel coming out soon I'm def going to check this game out
  15. This game didnt age very well in terms of how much hype was behind it. Look at a game like Red dead 2 or fallout 4. Everyone bought it, and everyone talked it about it for weeks if not months to come. This game, not so much, even though it had hype for many more years than the ones mentioned above. Why do you think that is?
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