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  1. Need help with "Its Like Christmas". Big Red forcefield door after Knoxx is up, I am a soldier. gt is Quinn351 SVT.
  2. Ok the exp grind spot on Behind Enemy Lines is right after the plane carrying the bomb crashes, when the russian spy says that he is setting up a perimeter right? Those 3-4 convoys?
  3. Its A Trap! Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state. Very easy!! In Ch. 6 right before you fight the brute, when you are upstairs. Across the balcony on the other side is a girl fighting off slashers. Fire the mines over to the wall on your right side between her and the vent where the slicers spawn indefinetly. Got mine there. Make sure to aim up as they kinda get lobbed. Easy 20 kills.
  4. Yes, it can be done in one playthrough. I got all in about 30 hrs, thats everything, exploring everywhere, leveled to 44 by end boss, just be careful and save alot. Dont kill Scyth, and make sure you do the quests on the board at the destroyed Ashos. You can play after the game is over, so you do have a chance to mop up.
  5. So the last area has 2 that count? Im stuck at 23/25 and I am in 3rd Chapter. ..
  6. Using this map (which is in german) are you trying to goto the white dots or the green ones? perhaps all the dots?
  7. Can you tap out a town? I played with another musician for maybe 12 songs, netting 1200 gold each time. Then on the 13th song no money awarded...I switched instruments and songs..still no money for a flawless performance. Went to a different city and same thing there....no money given...what gives? Middle of the day lots of people around too. edit: well after playing Lucky Throw for a bit, I went back to the minstrel and again there was money to be had. I noticed this time that after 10 or so plays the money diminishes until you arnt earning anything. So you can tap that area, just come back later.
  8. Free time as in not at work...or Free time as in not on xbox? I guess I would say spend time with family, play Warhammer 40K, play xbox, hang out somewhere, goto the gym, masturbate til my girlfrend gets home, argue about something, masturbate again, then make up sex...then back to work. I work like 50hrs a week so....not up to taking walks and stuff.
  9. Lots. Come from a large family (oldest of 12), and when you fucked with one of us you fucked with all of us. I am 6'4" 250lbs (have been since I was 17, maybe 210-220lbs then), brother next down is 6'3" 220lbs, brother 3rd down is 6'3" 190lbs, so on and so forth. We are austrian/german, very tall and broad. We defend our sisters ferociously, and each other. Our dad is retired military and insisted we take some kind of self defense classes. Half of us did boxing the other half mma. We would also get into fights with each other. I remember a fight between the brother next down from me, we are 1yr 8months apart, so we had the same likes, and we liked the same girls. Man oh man, we both ended up in the hospital, both had fractured bones in our arms and bruised ribs. My brothers jaw got wired shut, my eye socket was fractured and my nose broke. I looked like the aftermath of a UFC Heavy weight fight. There was also this other guy (I think her brother) that tried to stop the fight, he hada concussion, broken wrist, bruised ribs, and we shattered his knee. Most of our middle-school and high-school years we spent fighting over girls and stupid things. None of the bitches were worth it. One time when we were in our early 20's, late teens, we all met up at a pool hall just to chill. Some guy was there with a few of his friends, he used to date my sister. Made a few nasty comments, then came the inevitable "your sisters a whore" statement. I think we shattered every glass, broke every cue, over turned every table, oh it was glorious! We all got arrested. However, my grandfather was a judge....hehe so we got off scott free. Man oh man though, we sure gave them a beating. They even had 1 up on us, and we still kicked thier asses. Now, I have had a gun pulled on me. I have been shot at. I have been knocked unconsious.....you win some you lose some. I picked a fight one night with a 5'6" slim guy that I thought I was going to pulverize....little did I know he was a navy seal. In about 6 seconds, before I knew what happened, he hit me on the side of my head, disorienting me, then hit me on my knee of something because I couldnt stand, then on my way to the floor he punched me so hard my head slammed into the ground. So you cant always judge a book by its cover.
  10. When I do that it tries to install then crashes, as in goes to a black screen then closes. Set it to win98 and it freezes on the license agreement screen,
  11. Ok, so I am trying to get the old MechWarrior and MechCommander games to run on my 32bit Vista laptop. I have installed Virtual machine 2007, and I am using Daemon Tools to mount the ISO. I have an ISO of MechCommander Gold, it was succesful in launching setup, but I get an error message that says it can only run in Win95, 98, and 2000. I am trying to get Virtual Machine to see the ISO, but all it does is sit there with the cursor spinning....help??
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