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  1. Yeah it's definitely just a bit over normal for us, so we've got central AC and are prepared for it and stuff. In fact, it's actually kinda chilly in my room atm. Couldn't imagine living over there in the UK right now.
  2. I hope FF7R never comes to Xbox just out of spite 😣 Since M$ owns Bethesda i'll not get to play Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 5, bc i'm not likely to ever buy an Xbox and upgrading my PC is a no go bc POVERTY
  3. xbox & bethesda showcase starts soon i'm not an xboxer, and my pc aint as strong as it used to be, so i'm not interested in the vast majority of it but PLEASE give me tales of symphonia definitive edition next year is the 20th anniversary, and they did do the symphonia chronicles HD port for the 10th
  4. since last post i've read: aristotle and dante dive into the waters of the world - benjamin alire sáenz billy summers - stephen king the hobbit - j.r.r tolkien dress codes for small towns - courtney c stevens fans of the impossible life - kate scelsa the weight of zero - karen fortunati tell me three things - julie buxbaum night shift - stehpen king the call of the wild - jack london the talisman - stephen king faking normal - courtney c stevens underwater - marisa reichardt devil house - john darnielle golden boy - abigail tarttelin empress of the world - sara ryan call it what you want - brigid kemmerer warbreaker - brandon sanderson we are the ants - shaun david hutchinson here's to us - becky albertalli & adam silvera letting go of gravity - meg leder girl made of stars - ashley herring blake the art of feeling - laura tims none of the above - i.w. gregorio teach me to forget - erica m. chapman the thing with feathers - mccall hoyle under rose-tainted skies - louise gornall girl against the universe - paula stokes violent ends - (anthology collab between 17 different authors) a heart in a body in the world - deb caletti i don't read much non-fiction but tonight i am starting andi zeisler's we were feminists once: from riot grrrl to covergirl, the buying and selling of a political movement
  5. Oh, that's fast food marketing, of course it's not gonna look like that in person That one was definitely hand-crafted just to be photographed, whereas a real one is thrown together in like 30 seconds by a high teenager making minimum wage.
  6. don't click on this if u don't wanna see my ugly mug color went pretty well. not as light as i'd hoped but oh well i only rinsed and blow-dried, so no styling was done (not that i ever style it anyway)
  7. you have a mohawk? i feel like i should know this already bc i have seen the one or two "fuck you, ..." bmx vids you've posted here that's dope bleaching went fine. look like the damn tiger king. gonna dye tmrw or wed when it isn't as super fragile
  8. Gonna be bleaching my own hair today or tomorrow. Kinda nervous lol. I've got a bit of a choppy, asymmetrical mullet atm. Just hope I don't miss little spots that I can't see and it turns out spotty. On Thursday when it's not as fragile i'm gonna dye it green. I've gone pink, purple, and a few shades of blue and teal before but never green. Green is classic punk, so i'm quite excited to try it out.
  9. I am 7 episodes into Kimetsu no Yaiba Hasn't really grabbed me yet Really only watching bc it's my 10 year old brother's favorite, so I felt I should He did watch a few that I like (K-On, Haikyuu, smth else) I tried to watch One Punch Man a year or so ago bc he said I should, but only made it like 2 episodes in
  10. Found an old Wiimote in my closet, so I ordered a dolphin bar and a bluetooth adapter on Amazon, and now i'm able to play Wii games on PC through Dolphin using the actual motion controls. Quite fun. Tried out a little Wii Sports but what i'm really wanting to play is PokePark 1 & 2, the best Pokemon games.
  11. Exactly, everyone has a different taste in humor. Plenty of people laugh at horrible racist jokes as well. Just because you don't find it offensive, doesn't mean someone else doesn't. Not defending Will Smith or anything, but you can't just label something "comedy" and suddenly it's alright.
  12. Hard disagree. Not all jokes are equal. Laughing at one joke by a comedian doesn't mean all of their other jokes automatically get a pass. Bullying thinly-veiled as a joke is still bullying. The joke was in fairly poor taste, but the fact that rich old man was allowed to physically and verbally assault someone in front of millions, and not only not be escorted out but allowed to accept an award and make a speech, is a travesty. Fuck Will Smith tbh. Last thing I saw of his was I Am Legend, and that probably isn't gonna be changing any time soon.
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