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  1. Just built an automatic villager breeder and trading farm. This will be life changing!
  2. Looking to boost multiplayer achievements, online daily. GT fifth5urvivor
  3. It was a fun distraction especially at sale price but now the grind of being lost in Blackgate looking for secrets that don't show up on my shitty map is boring me to death. And what the hell is with the combat? Batman can leap 18 miles one second but can't punch a dude he just cape stunned?
  4. Pardon my ignorance, I'm primarily a console player and only use my PC for flash and card games and whatnot. I have no idea how to get a multiplayer game going here. I've searched a few times but find the verbiage confusing. Is there anyone out there that can simplify it for me? Or better yet if you have a mob head let me join your game to bang out the achievement? Will work for G's by mining and/or resource gathering and/or map exploration for you. My apologies to the admins, didn't see an achievement trading thread.
  5. I'm sure you've checked all the basics but make sure bookshelves are in the right position for Librarian and make sure you dye wool white. Even if you have white wool already, just dye some white. Same for black, gray, light gray, brown and any other "naturally occurring" sheep color. That helped me at least on the 360 version.
  6. Going to attempt 100% on the Bioshock series with all DLC, saving the multiplayer in 2 for last (here's hoping people are still playing) and absently trying for 100 000 swipes in Make It Rain and whatever combination(s) I'm missing in Doodle God Blitz.
  7. Deadpool Colossus' "4 or 5 moments" speech is my new Sam Jackson gets eaten by the shark speech. 9/10
  8. Currently enjoying Sacred Citadel and will be happy to keep that going into next week!
  9. I'm a sucker for these games, if there's achievements I'll buy it. For $15 if it has as many levels as the Batman 3 one did then that's not too bad.
  10. For this game on the top right of the main screen where you hit the pinata to start playing is a green button that says "Sign In". This will allow you to connect it to your Live account, although lately that's been freezing the game entirely for me.
  11. Glad I didn't buy the season pass right away, hopefully some of the other story-based DLC launches with achievements.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, was just about to ask the same question.
  13. Just getting into it but loving it so far. Can't wait to dive in after work and really sink a few hours into it. Looks like they kept all the best parts of the first one.
  14. So it looks like this one will be fairly simple. At least on par with Temple Run. Collect and buy all the things. Time and luck more than skill and can be done a whole lot faster if you're willing to pay.
  15. Hard to tell, adjusting to all the new power ups, how many coins you can collect and whatnot. I'll report back once I'm a little further into it (my completion rate is shot anyway) but so far 4 runs, no achievements. It's rich with microtransactions but hopefully they can be avoided. Seems less twist & turny then Temple Run, more emphasis on jumping side to side and avoiding obstacles but again, just started.
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