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  1. Found the work around! And best of all, I can earn achievements For anyone else having trouble that might end up here before finding the answer on google, following these steps should work: http://steamcommunity.com/app/99810/discussions/0/412447613574401266/
  2. I've installed Bulletstorm recently to try and get the GFWL achievements in this game before I no longer can, but I can't get past the release date check. Is this game unplayable now? Or does someone know a workaround? I've done multiple google searches with no success, thought I would leave this comment here as a last ditch effort. Any help regarding a workaround, or confirmation that there is no way of playing this, would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks, I see what I was doing wrong there. Taking a picture of the raptor actually triggers the cut scene..... skipped that and went to the teddy first, and it worked! All minikits collected ^_^
  4. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm attempting to get the last Minikit in the level "Breeding Facility" and it is the one where you have to take photos of the test-tubes at the end. The problem is, each time I've tried to get to the last photo, the game triggers the cutscene and I can't go back. Don't know what it is that I'm missing, hopefully it's something silly but... anyone know?
  5. So I'm trying to do the Import/Export list, and I got to the location of the Infernus, but I can't steal it. CJ just does the animation of leaning back and pulling at the door. Do I need to do a certain mission to unlock it or just find it randomly in the wild? Thanks for help in advanced. EDIT: Nevermind! I did one more story mission, went back and was able to get in it first try. For anyone in the future who might see this and have the same problem, it was after "Puncture Wounds". Otherwise, Mods, sorry for the inconvenience, this thread can be deleted now [sorry! ( ].
  6. I popped in the original Metro 2033 after beating Redux and it hurt my head. The game really does look and feel so much different, but for the better - personally I had a much better experience with Redux than the original, Last Light is going to be interesting. I don't know about the shooting range, but the keys are for locked safes you might find along your journey.
  7. There are tutorial videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/HBStudiosDeveloper/videos Not sure if it will help any of you guys but I thought I'd share.
  8. http://i.imgur.com/MS7kTdq.jpg 108,012,800 Not excellent, but just about the best I will do...
  9. yup they both unlocked yesterday when I wasn't even online lol. thankfully
  10. 100% Compeltion & Complete all Golden Instruction Builds has not unlocked for me, even though I have 100 % complete and built all golden instruction builds in the bonus room. I've been walking around aimlessly for hours hoping they might pop, but nothing so far. Any ideas guys?
  11. Is there still anyone left that need the online achievements other than me? They are all I need... hopefully someone will see this, if you do, message me on live please! GT: IckleRonnikens
  12. I realise this is a stab in the dark, seems the game is so old and such, but is there anyone still here that still has the game and still needs the Ranked Matches? I'm willing to boost. Just message me. GT: IckleRonnikens
  13. just an fyi for those of you waiting for it, i cleared my cache and got the update...
  14. I need online achievements too, so add if you want. GT IckleRonnikens
  15. I don't think its kept permanently, from what I've had if you lose it thats it - though I've only gotten cheap items. When you purchase a vehicle it is delivered to the garage of the character that buys it.
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