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  1. Yeah, I get this. My guy stands by the car for a bit, then it brings up what looks to me like a starting grid on the screen, but with no players or whatever. It's annoying because the morning it was released, I could go straight in to the GTA V online. I didn't even have a tutorial, I just made my guy and got dropped from the sky. Then I go to play it later in the day and it says my save file was corrupted, so I make a new one, get all the intro cutscenes etc only to get stuck before I even start a mission. Hopefully they can fix up all these problems by the end of the week, I'm eager to play it after having a little taster.
  2. The garages have a "unique vehicle" section and I was wondering whether this is just for the Social Club/Collector's edition, or whether you can collect vehicles from around the map to fill the garages. If you can, I would appreciate it if somebody could point me in the direction of where to find these unique vehicles. Thanks.
  3. Most of you probably already know about this and if you're prowling the bitching thread, you're probably not all that fussed about spoilers... this isn't even really a spoiler, but in a way it sort of spoiled things for me... Keeping up so far? Good. My small gripe for the day: What happened to Vegas? Okay, I know this isn't GTA: San Andreas before people start with the "Dude it ain't even..." Shut up, I know, alright! All I'm saying is; given the size of the map and the time it took to install, surely they could have added a more... varied amount of places. I mean, don't get me wrong the landscapes we are given are great, but GTA: SA just seemed to have a lot more variety. I hasten to add that I have not yet completed GTA V, so if somewhere along the lines you get on a plane and fly to somewhere like the Vegasesque strip I take this all back. I just feel a little let down with the lack of places to visit, is all. Moan over.
  4. Weird and very annoying seeing as I spent quite a lot on his car for it to just return to stock.
  5. No, I didn't put it in a garage. I figured that seeing as it was the unique, character specific car that it would just continue to turn up as before, but with it's modifications. I was wrong. *sigh*
  6. Okay, so I've not been here for a while but GTA V has dragged me back online and back into gaming. First thing is first, I want to say that I'm really enjoying this game. I'm not too far into it, but so far, so good. The only thing that has annoyed me (and it is such a small thing to bitch about) is the car customization. So early on in the game, you're told how each character has their own car, blah blah blah. So, I completely upgraded Franklin's unique car thinking "He's the best driver, I'll give his car the best engine" gave it nice new wheels, the works. For a while, this car appeared outside Franklin's aunt's house, even after losing it because I had to journey on foot, or take the tow truck, or whatever. Anyway, I've come on today, switched from Michael to Franklin, walked outside and... wait... where's my precious car that I spend thousands upgrading?! NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!! Why?.. I mean seriously, I have no idea why that happened... Have I missed something? Did Trevor come and steal my car and downgrade it for a laugh whilst I was sleeping? Ugh, I won't be upgrading many cars in this game after that. What a waste of money.
  7. I can 100% guarantee that you do not have to do 50 missions as Marcus. My Marcus died quite early on so I unlocked this achievement as Maya.
  8. My concern for the fact that Fable 3 is still in the Games on Gold tab and the 1st is nearly over is rising.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation on that one. As for the special abilites, if you press on them in the abilities menu then it should give you a short description on how to use each one. I believe you hold and press when 2 zeds are in front of you, but it has been a while since I used that ability so you'll have to check using the method I just said. Hope this helps.
  10. Sweet thanks for confirming that one Technically yes. When you move to a new base all the sites that are already there are dilapidated, so you will have to select them all and 'fix' them which will only take 1 minute.
  11. I don't remember if it pops when you select it or when you get the "construction complete" notification, but I do know you have to build at least 1 of each site and they don't have to be built in the same home or at the same time. I.E you can build a medic bay at the church and it will count even when you move homes. Note both Cooking area and Dining area are needed, that's the one that confused me at first. (EDIT) Also, I don't think you have to fully upgrade a station(?). Can somebody please confirm this for me... If you haven't got any more quests from the courthouse yet, then try clearing out some infestations around the eastern side of Marshall. Once that area is considered 'safe' you should make radio contact and open up a new quest. If not, then you could have a problem with a bug. If that is the case you have 2 options. 1) Start a new game, which is not going to be great in all honesty. 2) Wait a couple of days for Title Update 2.0 to go live, where Undead Labs will work out a lot of the kinks and bugs.
  12. Lots of people seem to have had a problem getting killed by ferals, I haven't ever found them a problem. It's the big bastards that mess me up. Went on a Z hunt as Maya in an orchard, hunting a Big 'un of course. I emptied an entire magazine into it's head and it still didn't fall. It then proceeded to pick up my hunting partner, slam her into the ground 3 or 4 times and toss her lifeless corpse to the side. It then charged at Maya (controlled by me), picked her up and simply ripped her in half. I now normally tell my hunting partner to 'leave this one' when it's a Big 'un hunt lol. A few other survivors have died when not in my control too, the worst being Marcus getting killed by the pastor after he contracted black fever. Took him and another survivor out, bad times.
  13. No worries, it's easy to miss something like that. There have been tests and so long as the first and last letters in a word remain the same, your brain can automatically recognize the word because you naturally skim read lol. Tihs bnieg a pmire epamxle Thanks again for the great reference.
  14. I had the same problem with Ed. Turns out he was ready to do a trade mission with another enclave, 3 cases of our ammo for something of theirs I don't remember. After the trade mission started my ammo ran down to 0, meaning Ed was still technically on this mission but he couldn't finish it because I didn't have the right amount of resources. The quest marker was still on my home and I ignored it for a while. Then I spotted Ed inside one of the rooms in the home base with one of the large resource rucksacks on his back. When I spoke to him, the quest for trading failed due to 'not having enough resources' and Ed returned home. Other than that, be sure to check all missing survivors quests, Z hunt quests, Seek and destroy quests etc.
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