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  1. Looking for ssx friends, please add that in a message when you send me a request.
  2. Lol BC is on the other side of the country, and no i've never been to Europe.

  3. That's so epic. I've been to B.C. once! Very beautiful city and very kind people. Very fiendly! Have you ever been to Europe?

  4. Ah okay. It says you're a massage therapist. That's so awesome! :D


    Where are you from?

  5. Thanks for that I finished all the delivery missions and no achievement. Saved and it popped, nice.
  6. All you have to do to pass the viral achievement along is go to http://2ksports.com/games/nhl2k9 register in the forums and let them win a ranked match. Worked the first time!! Hit me up and ill hook you up with the achievement
  7. If anyone is willing to give me the viral achievement, ill pass it along to others
  8. if you need help with a particular part of the game hit me up online and ill just show you myself
  9. looking to boost all the online achievements for this game GT: cherryontop420
  10. i already missed one and i am one the first episode..
  11. thanks that answered my question as well
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