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  1. In your references to 2-4-1 this is actually 2-3. 2-4 does not exist in this game as episode 2 only has 3 chapters.
  2. Hi all, I need some assistance going through the super story of episode 6. If anyone is willing to play through with me message me. Thanks! Falcon Ottawa
  3. A buddy and I need 2 more people to start a match. Message me if you want in!
  4. I still need to work on Retirement Savings Plan. Message me if you want to work on this. GT: Falcon Ottawa
  5. Hey we need 2 more people to join a game for Retirement Savings Plan. Add me if you want in. GT: Falcon Ottawa
  6. We need a 4th to join a game for Retirement Savings Plan. If you want to jump in message me! GT: Falcon Ottawa
  7. I'm still going for Retirement Savings Plan. If anyone wants to join add me.
  8. We are looking for a 4th player to boost the online achievements right now.
  9. I need the online achievements. Add and message me please.
  10. My last attempt at gathering friends was a failure. I still need 3 others to get the 6 online achievements.
  11. Hi I just read that EA is taking Army of Two offline permanently on August 11th. I'm looking to quickly boost as many of the online achievements as possible. Boots on the Ground The Devil's in the Details Surviving The Game Retirement Savings Plan One Gun is Enough That's right. Who's laughing now GT: Falcon Ottawa
  12. Hey I need UNO Shark. Send me a msg and friend request please! I'm usually available after 17:00 EST.
  13. Ok I lost my boosting friend... I still need Hotter Than Hell. Anyone willing to help with this one? EDIT: I got it now thanks!
  14. I need Anniversary of the Dead, Hotter than Hell and Friends in Low Places. Anyone willing to help? Thanks.
  15. I need Medic! Anyone willing to help?
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