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  1. Lvl 32 Hunter looking for people to do raids, nightfalls, and the DLC missions currently having trouble with Urzok quest GT: Rattler 151
  2. I'm actually looking for people to play this. If ya need help ill do what I can Gt: Rattler 151
  3. Dunno if anyone still plays this or not But recently dug it out(buddy at work has it and asked for help) and had to restart from scratch due to a corrupted file(???) Anyhoo Im down to play and help out with anything would like to finish up my dlc achievements over the claptrap, mad Moxxi and secret armory if anyone is interested GT: Rattler 151
  4. Keyword: World Eater (Supermove) GT: Rattler 151
  5. Will be online in about 10 minutes if anyone wants to get these GT: Rattler 151
  6. looking to get these as well... has two controllers GT: Rattler 151 Will be around for the better part of this weekend and I will help anyone else that needs these Thanks Peace
  7. GT: Rattler 151 Looking to have fun and OF COURSE(lol) complete the MP Achievements Peace and Chicken Grease
  8. Terramorphous, Master Gee, the Tier 3 Buzzard mission and death race Tier 3 GT: Rattler 151
  9. GT: Rattler 151 Looking to complete the online acievements FR or invite me Peace
  10. Just picked this up yesterday... im down for just about anything interested in getting the achievements but looking more just to play right now GT: Rattler 151
  11. GT: Rattler 151 Arena: IWA East Coast KW: IWA East Coast Finisher: Terminal Velocity KW: Top Rope Chokeslam
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