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  1. I think "weird and mysterious" is an overly generous way of saying "completely inadequate, overly convoluted, pretentious storytelling".
  2. Social and Competitive are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the name, and the amount of XP you get. There is absolutely no downside whatsoever to playing competitive, except hoping you get easier opponents because it's called "Social".
  3. This game's multiplayer is BY FAR the worst I have ever played. Ever. EVER. Holy shit it is so fucking bad. What a giant collection of awful design decisions, combining for the least fun experience possible. FUCK this game's MP. Jesus Christ it is terrible. If you like it then you are stupid and you like bad things. It's that simple.
  4. Lol yeah Thai I've been going hard in this game. I'm having more fun with it than i thought i would. I bought all the OS voices and that didn't work either. I finally just regenerated. Maybe it would have popped if I bought all the Titan Insignias too? Whatever. Maybe it'll pop on its own in a few days. I'm done going out of my way for it. Halo comes out Monday night. Wow. Sounds like I just needed to play another game after buying the last OS voice. But I regenerated. FML.
  5. UPDATE! Just read somewhere that after a recent update, you need to also have all the OS voices unlocked! Everyone try that and see if it works.
  6. Same shit just happened to me. This is unbelievable. Fix your shit, Respawn...
  7. You could try developing some skill as well.
  8. I'm looking to get the Total Victory achievement. No one plays Bounty Hunter at all. I'm pretty sure I could get it in as few as 5 games, as I think I have all the other ones legit. Count me in if anyone puts together a boosting party. Please have a mic and be intelligent.
  9. If anyone puts a lobby together for Castle DLC, I can help. I need all the Castle achievements. I have one controller and a mic, but I'm intelligent and easy to work with. My gamertag is "Hard VVay" (that's 2 V's)
  10. I got it as part of the Countdown to New Year's sale, and it's been pretty easy to get games. Unfortunately, the objective gametypes are much less populated than team deathmatch, which sucks because I think the Domination/Neutral Bomb spinoffs are vastly superior. But the search times for TDM have been nearly instant. I have been getting disconnected pretty often though, but that might just be my roommate hogging bandwidth. Who knows?
  11. I just wanted to say thank you for this guide. It made mopping up the remaining collectables a breeze, and I was kinda dreading it because it's usually a pain in ass. Great guide man, thanks for putting the time into it for the rest of us
  12. Wow, thanks for ruining the end of the game for me, dickhead. How about a fucking spoiler warning next time?
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDhC5urLp1k]Hard VVay Makes it Easy: Ep1 Using Your Team - YouTube[/ame] This is the start of a video series I'm doing to teach people how to play better. Let me know what you think, and if it helped you at all. Warning, its pretty long. Future episodes will be significantly shorter.
  14. Hey, if you guys are doing the All Alone achievement, I'd like to get in on that. I can contribute 3 controllers. My gamertag is Hard VVay. I'm in the Eastern time zone in the US.
  15. So apparently the patched the ability to stay in the air after doing a Tech 2 with knives, and now you can't chain together two different sets of headstomps on Gideon? So how the hell do you get the achievement now?
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