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  1. As of the patch on June 6 all achievements are now obtainable.
  2. I managed to unlock this one after the Tuesday patch so it is obtainable now. I accessed the one in the sw (bottom right) two times. It may be still a little buggy with those bottom two consoles as my partner was unable to access either of them a second time. Best advice I can give is to play around with activating the three generators in turn, making sure to check each console afterwards.
  3. I am looking to knock out the 4 player achievement. I have two controllers ready to go. I'm in the Central time zone. EDIT: Finally got this unlocked. I was unsuccessful playing with several different players but finally found someone.
  4. You get permanent access to a lot of features. All the power unlocks, six character slots, dlc Episodes up to 14. If you think you might play the game off and on it is a nice one time purchase. Purchasing it also makes you a premium member which has a smaller logo queue than f2p members.
  5. Thanks for the slide tip! I'd completely missed it and even knowing where it was it wasn't easily identifiable.
  6. Character names are not unique in Arc Games but rather the email account name associated with them is. In all of the Arc Games on PC players show up as (character name)@(associated account email handle). Which can lead to security issues as people can see your email name so be careful when creating an account.
  7. Trying to finish this up before the shutdown. I still need 'You Complete Me' and 'The Elite Meet in Crete' if anyone is willing to complete those with me msg me on xbl.
  8. Is it just my imagination or is the "Not the Bees!" celt civ quest missing?
  9. Did they ever patch it so that players with the Kurisu dlc could play together with players that don't?
  10. My question is about the achievement related quests that are part of a chain. If done in co-op, do both players have to be at the same stage in the chain, or can player 2 join player 1 and get credit even if they have not done the prerequisites? For example, the Argos quest chain has multiple steps. If player 2 joins for the last quest "Left With No Choice" will they unlock the related achievement "Do or Do Not..."?
  11. No. According to statements made by developer Krome Studios(now closed) the complete game was sent to publisher Konami who locked out the content. The content is all there on the disk, however it is locked out and inaccessible. There is no actual dlc, but rather a content unlock disguised as dlc is required. It has never been released. Konami has refused to comment and sadly Microsoft has declined to enforce the policy on this game.
  12. The above information is correct. While the game is now available through Steam, only people who previously had it before the gfwl marketplace shutdown can play. The game servers are set to shutdown in July when gfwl is offline. While many games have recently been converted from gfwl to steamworks there has not been any word if this will happen. Regardless, it would prevent earning gamerscore.
  13. Bioshock Infinite is more of a spiritual successor. Just as the original Bioshock was a spiritual successor to the PC series System Shock. That being said Bioshock 1 and 2 are direct sequels. It should be pointed out though that Bioshock 2 was not done by the same studio that did Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite. If you are a fan of the first game and like the setting and lore/history then you will get a lot out of Bioshock 2. There are many references to events in the first game. I personally enjoyed them both, and can't wait to get into the new Infinite dlc that takes place in Rapture.
  14. Unfortunately no, since there was no collection/game of the year edition released. The dlc was only available via the gfwl marketplace, since the gfwl marketplace itself is shutdown they are no longer available. The content can still be enjoyed (albeit w/o live achievements) via the now patched Steam version of Bioshock 2. In fact if you've activated yours on there you should have some free dlc available.
  15. Resident Evil Outbreak was awesome and I'd pick it up instantly if it was ever re-released or a sequel was made.
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