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  1. oddly enough I probably had a tougher time on my normal run, by the time you unlock expert you already know what to expect out of each boss. for example I fought the Devil on expert immediately after I beat him on normal and got a higher score.
  2. i'm with you on the slightly easier spectrum, like you said it's tough for sure but the infinite lives and ability to restart without penalty make learning each level very possible. super fun and a real challenge but nowhere near as "impossible" as the internet has been making it out to be.
  3. can we see the final list of peoples scores by any chance? just curious if that is available anywhere.
  4. it's a lot of fun and like I said a really great excuse to kill off some of my backlog, it's just a shame folks have to make it so complicated by signing up and not participating. and yes I know things come up, but let's be honest a lot of them just sign up and forget it.
  5. I think if this happens again next year the rules need to be adjusted again. straight point for point isn't fair as the staff is going to be outmanned, % doesn't really seem to work as site is going to have deadbeats signing up and not playing making the rest of our scores pretty pointless. I think the only fair way to do it would be to keep the size of the site team equal to that of the staff team and go back to the point for point scoring system.
  6. yeah, that's really why I join this particular event. it's a great excuse to go through the backlog.
  7. thanks, was wondering if I had enough time to get another couple finished but couldn't seem to actually find the end date.
  8. it is probably that i'm just slow, but when exactly does round 1 end. today, tomorrow or sunday?
  9. do I just update my original post when I complete a new game even if it's been confirmed? also I have to say Beyond Eyes was easily the most painful gaming experience of my life, dear lord did I hate every single second of that game......
  10. GT: Mr Yac Games: Party Hard [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] I, Zombie [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] Refunct [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] Level 22 [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug [CONFIRMED (bigbear)] Final Achievement Unlocked: Clubber Snowrunner Will you come back? LEVEL 22 4 Enemies Confirmed Total: 5
  11. yeah, that last stupid puzzle thing was a real pain. didn't help that by the time it unlocked on my train most of the passengers were near death so keeping an eye on it and them was no fun.
  12. Bros before Hoes guys, and he is literally your bro! but yeah it's pretty clear they had a crappy marriage but I hope they don't go the trite "domestic violence" angle. but being Telltale I think they will totally force a choose who dies between the 2 of them at the end.
  13. I kept quiet about Mariana, David seemed pretty sincere about getting his own justice so I figured best to play nice. of course I injected AJ, this is one of this silly choices that I can only imagine people picking to be different.....and I don't even like kids. I too smashed in Badgers skull, letting him turn didn't seem like a good Idea and honestly how is letting the man slowly bleed out from a gut shot the more humane thing to do? Jesus getting all preachy about it was one of those really poorly written moments, it's not like I tortured an innocent man, I put down a scumbag that was currently dying and in the process of trying to kill me. I also brought max back. thought he'd make convincing people a bit easier. I went with David's plan since I didn't see any possible way to get Kate out of town stealthily in her condition.
  14. if you play through the Antonymizer mini game (which is an achievement so i'm sure you will) you'll discover that just about every word they make you spell in it has one of those "useless" effects. it's pretty fun to see what they do, but they do make you spell way too many of them to finish the game.
  15. all the same choices but the last 2. I waited for Tripp as he seemed like a good guy and would rather have him with me in a fight, plus didn't want to risk pissing the town off and getting Eleanor into trouble. I stayed to fight with Clem, Tripp was taking Kate back and Clem was right about them not stopping so figured it better to fight and try and keep people covered.
  16. exact same choices. and I agree the Conrad thing really was just out of nowhere but I feel Clem would've killed him if you didn't so it wouldn't have mattered much either way.
  17. I know that, but Harvey's DNA had to be all over the damn place, and again I wasn't expecting it to happen or even work but the fact that it wasn't even mentioned bugs me.
  18. I'd also like to add I was really annoyed at no point did Bruce even consider trying to make an antidote to clean out Harvey's system like he did his own, sure the way things ended with the computer would've made that impossible but you'd think it'd at least have crossed his mind. and yes I know Two-Face is more involved than just the toxin, but how would getting that crap out of him have been bad in any way?
  19. same choices except I bribed the cops, Bruce was so out of it I didn't think starting a fight would be in his best interest and I went to the mansion, not because of the house but because I was really trying to save Harvey. in the end it kind of seemed like you kind of get through to him when the cops take him away, they give you the choice of either jail or Arkham, I chose Arkham because despite how we know it always goes I hoped that could help him. his arm got a little burnt in the final fight but he's still not disfigured so maybe there's hope.
  20. I made Falcone Suffer: screw that guy! I didn't try to kiss her: gotta play hard to get. I went as Bruce: thought I could get a little bit more info going in as Bruce, still had to threaten to toss him off the balcony though.... Funded Harvey: he's a good guy, would be great for Gotham. Saved Harvey: figured Selina would have a better shot at taking care of herself, and sure we all know Harv is going to go down a bad path, so might as well try and give him a break while I can. mostly liked it, really hate this "evil Wayne" storyline though. the comics has tried it before and it was stupid every time they did it too. and him just magically remembering a huge detail like that was just dumb. Still looking forward to seeing where it all ends up though.
  21. I told them, figured if they knew just how big of a lie the games were it'd fire them up....turns out not so much.
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