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  1. After unlocking all Insight Videos you can just click and exit all of them, then watch the first one completely and the achievement will unlock. No need to fast forward any. I only had watched 3 total when I did this. So just hit A on all of them and back out as soon as it plays, then watch the first one (I let it play without fast forward). Guessing you can just choose the shortest video which is Aging in Reverse (1 min 25 sec)
  2. Just need to complete the 3 missions in co op. Results don't matter, just the achievement associated with each. Send a message on Xbox live Gamertag: tyger7
  3. Been a long time pants! Thanks for the guide
  4. I got to see the girl who was actress for Tomb Raider games at E3! So many years later.
  5. Anyone else at E3? So far it's a blast. I came solo so if anyone wants to get a drink or hang out let me know! Too bad there wasn't a E3 meetup for the site.
  6. 8 hours straight of sitting there is insane. While I get the joke about it being like a different game, it is pretty unfair. They shouldn't let there be an achievement that could cause actual health issues. Sitting for 8 hours straight without being able to go to the bathroom or take a break is the worst achievement​ I think I have seen. No pausing? No save and continued later? Also I beat the esports time twice and nothing unlocked. I currently sit at 6th in the world for beating it in fastest time. It also isn't unlocking the achievement for completing it (no matter the time). I have hard reset my Xbox and everything​. Don't play this game if you care about achievements.
  7. To make things extra clear, you only need a 2nd controller for one simple achievement. You do not even need to beat a level. The roadmap threw me off because it said stuff about getting a second controller and teaming up to pass levels. Ain't no one got time for that just do it solo
  8. No carry over on the steroids or stabilizers. Not sure if you saw that I had made a Speed Run guide, but it let's you know what I used. I grabbed steroids and only repaired the one shotgun that was higher damage. I played on easy. For using 3 items or less I did it using the saw mostly. I have outlined a really good method for it though in the guide. I enjoyed running through the mines!
  9. There is an in game map. As you explore and do missions, these all show up naturally. Think of Assassin's Creed where you locate all the stuff around you by climbing the tower and viewing the area. There's no need to use an interactive map, since everything is in game. You're just taking an extra step by doing this. Not that interactive maps aren't cool, but really you won't need to use one.
  10. Did you follow this whole guide and not find that repair kit? Did you miss an achievement because you didn't collect it?
  11. I can't download any windows 10 games. There's a major issue with the feature update and some people can get it, others can't. I have worked on it for hours to no avail
  12. The following has been completed: -Achievement Guide -Speed Run Guide -Collectible Guide -Madhouse Walkthrough If anyone finds any corrections for grammar or just in general, please let me know. You can do this by responding here or sending me a private message.
  13. Wrecked Ship (S2) Okay, now we're going to have some fun (right?). You should have a save before this area, as there is a fat molded that you will have to either get lucky running around, or kill. Head down to S2. Move forward and kill the enemy that is in the hall. Watch out behind you because there will be another crawling one soon. You should see a green cabinet (or some tint of color) to your right. As soon as you step into the hallway, look to the right and in the corner to find Coin 30. On to the engine room. The fat molded will spawn here. I placed a remote charge on the ground and when the fat molded walked near it, I detonated. This made the monster fall to the floor, and I was able to run past it! Through the double doors, you'll find the lock box. Use the corrosive on it to find Coin 31. In the hall there is a door that leads to Ethan and the girl blocking him. You can find another lock box with bombs in it if you instead go to the door down the hall. Finally, move towards the girl to start a scene. Wrecked Ship (S2) As Ethan Once down the hallway, you'll enter a room with a fence. To the right of this room, you'll spot a desk with a hard hat. On this same desk, you can find Coin 32. Drop down to the swamp area. Swamp Move through the swamp. You'll go under a log then you will jump over one. After jumping, stay to the right and you'll find the final Coin 33 near the water. Head to the shack. This will be the last time you can use antique coins, so spend them on whatever you want. To buy all items you would need 35 total coins, so you won't be able to purchase every item. Save, for sure here. Continue on and you'll now have to deal with around 5 molded. Before you could run past them, but on this difficulty you'd be hard pressed to survive. You can lure them, kill with bombs, or just use the saw. Go down the elevator. Salt Mines Once down in the mines, kill the crawling enemy that comes towards you. There are explosives rigged, but let's just duck under them. There will be two enemies that spawn, so backtrack (being careful) and the enemies will kill or almost kill themselves on the traps. Drop down to the next area and as you continue, you will have 2 enemies behind you. Once you get to the mine card, you may have pushed it before and killed a molded. But now, they are too fast. So kill the two that are after you and then push the cart. Destroy the trap that's on the stairs in the next area. Move up them. Ignore the crate. The next room has steroids inbetween the bath tubs. There is a briefcase you must open and get the E-Nercotoxin out of. Manage your items and save in the next room. Go down the next stairs and left through the tunnel. The girl will appear, and then you will kill 3 molded (against saw seems to work great). Keep going, up and up, destroying the hordes of enemies. Near the end of your climb you'll face a lone fat molded. Kill it. You'll get to a familiar area where there is a ladder and 2 fat molded. However, they do not spawn like they did before. They're already walking towards you! Hopefully you have some grenade launcher ammo, cause this is where it will come in handy. Just a few shows and some shotgun blasts will do the trick. If not, you'll need to line up a bunch of bombs and detonate them all. Shoot the traps near the ladder, there are three total. They detonate as you climb. Move forward and you will squeeze through to the Guest House. Guest House/Final Battle Save before here. Enter the house. Walk through, seeing the flashbacks happen. You have to trigger all of them. Once you've shown you have the syringe to the girl, head upstairs. You will need to block her blasts. She can still injure you while blocking so try your best not to get hit or you'll really be hurting If you die, don't worry, you'll restart here. Be ready to complete the last fight. Boss Phase 1: I used 2 grenade launcher rounds, 2 shotgun shots, and a few enhanced handgun bullets to get to the next phase. You have a small amount of time to do enough damage. Boss Phase 2: Using the last of my grenade launcher rounds (which were 2), I shot some more shots with the shotgun, then switched to my gun. You cannot heal here or change around your items. You just have to shoot with all you have! So hopefully you brought a lot. Congratulations, you have completed the game on Madhouse Difficulty. You have unlocked infinite ammo. If you still need the achievement for not using the item box, you can easily get it now.
  14. Mia Video When you can move, access your item box and grab the saw and X-Ray glasses. And anything else you want that you have unlocked. This area is easy to navigate. Find the double doors and duck under the vent to restart your location device. Explore a little bit killing an enemy, until you get to the elevator. Kill the enemy that drops down, and go to floor S2. GAME WILL AUTO SAVE! As you make your way, you'll encounter the semi surprising enemy to your left, then the one that drops down before the bombs you can pick up. I'd like to add, that using the machine gun seems way too weak so I would use the saw. The machine gun just angers them and they quickly run after you. As you continue towards the stairs, you will encounter another enemy. Go on like normal, looting what you can. Once you get the corrosive and use it on the door, you'll have a talking scene with the girl. Make your way back from which you came. After the stairs you'll face two enemies (one crawling one standing). Then you'll run through the hall where the sorta surprise one was to fight another. Then two more will appear. The bombs seem to be less effective, as not only do they not kill the enemies but they move so fast that often it's hard to get the explosion timed correctly. The best method seemed to be placing two at a time and making them both explode (I used them on the ground). Go back into the elevator. Ride, then pull the doors open when you need to. As you make your way through floor 3, you will encounter an enemy. Eventually you'll go back up the stairs and find your partner. You can safely finish the video now. Wrecked Ship (3F and 4F) Once you're back in real time, move through the door next to the save point. You're on 3F. Go into the elevator shaft and up the ladder. Drop down where you can and look at the computer. The girl will appear briefly. Head to the left part of this area (West), Go through the area and go right at the lockers. Follow the stairs down to Coin 26. Now go back and continue to the Captain's Cabin to obtain the Lug Wrench. Don't forget to grab the map too. Use the lug wrench in the elevator shaft to get to the second floor. Wrecked Ship (2F) Once you are on floor 2, you will find there are a couple of Fat Molded here, one on each hallway. Sneak behind the one to your right (by the guest room). That room is where you can grab items and save. Inside the hallway is a half circular table that is against the wall. It has Coin 27 on top of it. The molded here are strange, they seem to disappear into the ground and then appear again randomly (or when you're in a certain area). Carefully head to the dining room area (double doors). Inside of the break room next to it, you'll find a small cart. Examine the vase on it to get Coin 28. Inside the Lounge, there is a safe. The walls have paintings but one side has them rotated wrong. Rotate the paintings based on the opposite side. Now you can open the safe for some corrosive, which you can use to get the Captain's Key for the machine gun in the captain's cabin. The key for the locker is on 2F and is behind the locked door you can get through with corrosive. But also, so that you'd can get a future coin. Return to the elevator shaft. You should have found corrosive in the save room. Climb back to floor 3. Wrecked Ship (3F) Back up on floor 3, go to the control room. Kill the enemy that spawns (if you have circular saw). Use corrosive on the door. Head through the hallway, with the right of you showing the destroyed ship. At the end you'll find Coin 29 on the corner. Now this next part can be tricky. If you approach the cable part that you need, you will have two enemies that spawn. You need to quickly unscrew the two parts and grab the cable. Just make a run for it. They give you a handgun here but it's not going to do much. You'll be overtaken easily. Just run! Get to the elevator and put the cable in. Now, drop down to the first floor. Wrecked Ship (1F) This area is much more relaxing (if you can call it that). There is only one enemy in the hallway and it's a crawler. If you go into the laundry room you'll find one more, but you don't really need to go in there. Find the fuse and go back to the elevator. You can now fix it.
  15. Greenhouse/Marguerite Confrontation Head to the greenhouse and go up the stairs. This area has a lot of items. Feel free to grab items and run back and forth between the trailer and here to manage items and save before the boss fight. Having the circular saw really helps here. Basically you will need to shoot the boss whenever she grabs a hold of you. Crouch and saw the weak point at the abdomen. Crouching also helps avoid some attacks and if she crawls, you'll still be damaging her. Shoot her if she crawls on the ceiling or the walls. Try to get to her before she spawns insects. Eventually she will fall. It might take you a few tries to get used to the fight on this difficulty (as her attacks can be devastating to health). Afterwards, the front door will unlock. Grab Coin 17 on top of the desk, before exiting from floor 1. Now, head back to the old house Old House Once back, head through the crow door. Use the lantern to unlock the following area, and navigate the dark rooms (no enemies yet). In the kid room, unlock the secret entrance behind the bed. Tear off the D Series Arm. There will be 3 enemies that attack you as you run back. All in this dark area. The first one is hard to avoid, so kill it. The second one will fall from a ceiling, you can run past that. But the third one might be hard to avoid if you get turned around on where you're going. So you can play it safe and kill all 3, or kill the first and avoid the next ones. Head back to the trailer. You will have to now obtain the key cards for the test area. Main House If you haven't already, go downstairs to the basement area and go right. There's a treasure picture in the room that let's you grab steroids in the drawing room. Also you will be able to now unlock the supplies room with the crow key and get Coin 18 and other useful items. Now go back down the stairs and go through the boiler room, you'll come to your first enemy that jumps out of a wall, so be careful. Once in the dissection room, put your hand down the headless body and grab the Snake Key. There are two crawling enemies on the left as you leave. On your right, one will come out of the wall. Continue (the right path) and get to the snake door. Make your way to the stairs, maybe having to deal with another crawling enemy. Kill the 2 new monsters in the main area. Go up the stairs and visit the kid's room. Grab the lamp and press the button. Up the ladder, look to your right. On the shelf is Coin 19. There's also the toy axe, and you can use it outside in the yard on the shadow puzzle (located through bushes on the side of the porch). The item you gain will let you reload faster. Use shadow puzzle in the attic (where you found the previous items) and get the Blue Key card. Your next step is the other snake room. Remember the closet has the backpack inside of it. Set the clock time by the bed to 10:15 and go down the stairs. Be extremely careful after grabbing the red key card. This area has a few enemies within the halls and they could surprise you. Just to give you warning, there has not been a auto save for a very long time (you could end up having to face the last boss again). After you get out of the basement area, you are good to go for the next area. Test Area Once you unlock the door with the blue and red key cards, head up to the television that you must watch. There is Coin 20 behind it. THE GAME AUTO SAVES HERE! Continue forward and you'll basically need to keep an eye out for bombs and explosive crates. Shoot the bombs just to make sure, they get you down to almost no health if you trip one. After the 2nd room with explosives, you'll open a door and see a lone crate in the hallway. To your left, you can grab Coin 21. Continue forward, and before going to the next explosive room, go straight to the dead end of the hallway (it's fairly dark). There you'll find Coin 22 and have a good vantage point to destroy the explosive in the next room. Continue on more to get to the long hallway near the barn. As you get near the end, remember there is a crawling molded that appears behind you. Be very careful of the trip wire ahead of you. Ignore it for now. Forward is a room full of explosives that are pretty hard to spot and get rid of. I'd almost skip this room, except there are steroids and Coin 23 in a drawer. There will be a molded in the barn to your right. Get him to follow you, and duck under the trip wire. Let him run into it. In most cases it should kill him. If not you will need to finish the job. Once inside the barn there will be two crawling molded to take care of. I shot them, but you can use the saw. For some reason this is a hard encounter with the saw, as they can easily get behind you. Once they're done, the upstairs will have a save point and items. I heavily suggest you save here. Have enhanced ammo, at least one shot in the grenade launcher, and a shotgun. Elevator Fight (Test Area) There will be a battle with 2 fat molded. Once you drop down and get the battery in place, stand by the elevator and head shot one of the enemies as they come down. Shoot shotgun shots, then use the grenade launcher. It will usually knock one down. Now run back around the haystacks, and start getting more head shots with the advanced ammo. Sometimes they sort of glitch trying to walk around the hay, and you'll get free easy shots on them. With this fight, it's really just getting kind of lucky. Once they hit you or get close, it's pretty much over. Once dead, (them, not you this time) continue forward and walk past the body. Check the code, which is 1146. Make sure to collect Coin 24 to the right of the switch that lowers the stairs. Use the switch to lower the stairs and remove all your items. Enter the code and enter the next area. Birthday Area You should have this area after playing a couple of times through the game. Grab the candle and go into the birthday cake room. Peel the board. Light the candle on the stove, open the door beyond the monitors. In the balloon room, open the door using the password "loser". Grab the crank. Turn off the water, relight the candle, then light the cake and throw the bomb behind the hole in the wall. Easy stuff. Docks/Boat Once you have completed the room, you'll be in a little security type office. I personally suggest that you save here, even though you get an automatic one at the boss encounter. I saved after lowering the first bridge. This is because the fight at the elevator was tough, and the docks can prove difficult if not careful. You'll need the crank to proceed, so make sure you have that and both of the D series items. After lowering the second bridge, you will fight a crawling enemy, and two walking ones. Then as you approach the boathouse, more will spawn behind you, and a crawling one and another walking enemy in front of you. Take your time and kill them if you'd like, it's difficult to time it so that the enemies behind you don't catch up (remember, they're faster in this mode). After killing them, head inside. You can save here if you want, however, when you start the fight it will auto save, and if you die, you can use item management. Mutated Jack If you have the defense items, it really helps. You can block the swipe attacks Jack makes very easily (he's slow). I personally used enhanced ammo, mag, and shotgun for the first part of the battle. After finally taking out all eyes (it uses a ton of ammo and I saved up a lot and was still almost out), you will have to shoot him before he kills you once he grabs you. The easiest thing to do is to use the grenade launcher and hit him twice with the fire rounds. Cut scenes will take place and remember to give the serum to Mia this time. Wrecked Ship Move through the linear areas, until you get to the girl after climbing some stairs. There will be a left and a right. Go right and through the double doors. Coin 25 is in the bottom end machine. As you run to the fuse at the back of the room, be cautious of the enemy (you have no weapons). Grab the fuse and run. Go left out the door and run until you get to the door with the fuse box. Use the fuse and go up stairs until floor 3. Watch the video.
  16. Main House After the fight, go up the ladder. Look left to find Coin 3. Grab the ox statuette. Go to the double doors in the hall and unlock it. To your left, grab Coin 4 that's in the drawer with the angel statue. Take a look around and grab items. Notice the new bird cages you can spend the coins on. You can buy higher defense, higher attack, and the scorpion key. Buy the Scorpion Key so that you can use it and get the shotgun (if you want) and create the shortcut to down stairs. Go to the clock and grab the pendulum. Exchange it for the White Dog Head in the other clock, in the living room area by the kitchen. Use the dog head on the door to get it out of inventory. When you're ready, head up the stairs. There is now a big difference in the game. Jack is already going to be stalking you. He seems relentless, but if you have the saw you can just keep hurting him. Grab the Blue Dog Head in the Recreation Room (in a book by the bar). Grab the Coin 5 that's in the vase, left of the scorpion door. There is a Coin 6 after the bathroom, near the broken staircase. It's behind a painting that is laying on the ground, resting on the wall. Go into the bathroom to grab the Wooden Statuette. Now jump down the stairs and go to the save room with the item box. Manage your items. Use the Wooden Statuette to solve the shadow puzzle. When you get to the room with the stuffed deer and the first crow door, look in the toilet on that's right of the next door. Inside you'll find Coin 7 Once you enter the next room, beware of the enemy show falls down in front of you. Kill it (circular saw makes it very easy). Run around the corner, and surprise, there is already a crawling enemy! Saw off his head. Manage your items in the safe room ahead! I had 6 tapes at this point, and don't remember a save happening in a long time. Might be a great time to save. Head down the stairs near the save point. No enemies? So far so good. Go into the morgue area. There is Coin 8 in a bowl, beneath a gurney. Open the 3rd and last body drawers. Then the first for the dissection room key. As you continue, now enemies will start appearing. When attacking with the saw, point up to hit them in the head. This will do tons of damage and kill them quick. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with them just losing other limbs. Continue forward and when you see the blue tinted door on your right, pull it open. Continue on and down the stairs to where a crow door is. There is a metal cart with Coin 9 on on the bottom shelf. Head back towards the area you fight Jack in. Prepare to face him if need be. Jack Chainsaw Fight Literally, with the Circular Saw, you will kill him within maybe 15 seconds. Just hold both triggers on him. He is lucky to hit you once. Make sure to grab Coin 10 in the room the dead deputy was in. Main House With Jack dead for now, he won't be roaming around. You can freely do what you need to do. You can manage your items, grab ones you didn't have room for, buy something from the bird cage (maybe the defense one or save for the magnum). Go through grandma's room and grab the broken shotgun. This is a much more relaxing time now. You may head outside. Yard The porch has a loose panel to remove. This used to be where the repair kit was. Now instead there is an item as well as Coin 11. You can explore a little bit or just move on. There are currently no dangers here. Head to the Old House after visiting the trailer. Old House You can create the Burner weapon by grabbing 2 weapon parts. One is at the water station. When you enter the house, go to through the right door into the living room, then to the next door for the dining room. The door to your right leads outside. Look left and grab Coin 12 below the window. Now go to the water station and grab the first weapon part. Head to the Gallery area (shadow puzzle) and next to the projector you'll find Coin 13. Outside near the room, you'll find the 2nd Burner weapon part in the trash can. You will have an easier time dealing with the insects by using this weapon. Clear everything out of the first floor and grab all items you want. There is one molded enemy that you need to kill, but other than that, almost everything is the same. You can use what coins you have to get adrenaline from the trailer if you'd like for a full heal and extra health (good idea). Head back to the Old House and it might be the right time to save outside of the gallery area. The trigger for Marguerite, is when you go into the fireplace and grab the Stone Statuette. Now you just have to get back to the gallery room. Just circle around until the path is clear (avoiding the wandering psychopath). Complete the shadow puzzle. Once you exit the gap that you squeezed through, look to the left on the broken floor ledge. You should spot Coin 14. Go to the side of the stairs to find the crawlspace. Go down, and obtain the crank. Use the crank to raise the bridge across the gap. Watch out, there are 2 molded here. Go back to the water station area and you'll find the second place to use the crank. You will obtain the Crow Key after crossing the bridge. When and if you're ready, head to the Crow Door across the bridge by the entrance. It would be wise to have the burner and shotgun here, since you can't reach with the saw. This is a pretty easy fight. Control the bugs with the burner and shoot shotgun rounds into Marguerite. She should fall and you can climb out. Go into the Crow door. Read the ingredients for the serum in the briefcase. Answer the phone call. Explore the following area and notice you will need a lantern. In the corner of that room you will find Coin 15 in a drawer. Head down after Marguerite as she crawls away with the lantern. Go through the tunnel and up the ladder. You'll spot Coin 16 to your left on a metal box attached to a pole. If you want, you can take a shortcut to the trailer from here and stock up or save. The next area will be a boss fight.
  17. Guest House Being the introduction to the game, this is a pretty straight forward area. Get inside the guest house and go to the room with the fireplace. If you want the first coin, grab the video upstairs and play it. Backing up and looking down, you'll find the lock pick. Go in the house during video to unlock drawer, then exit video to find Coin 1 in that same drawer. Use the secret switch and release Mia. Go the normal route until she vanishes and you find her in the stairs. GAME SAVES. When she attacks, you'll need to heal up twice. The health is in the bathroom. When she attacks again just make sure you block her and swing your axe while spinning around her. She turns pretty slow. After hitting her in the neck and answering the phone, grab the axe where her body was. GAME SAVES. She will eventually attack you with a chainsaw after you use the bolt cutters on the cabinet by the kitchen and use the fuse in the TV room. After lowering the stairs, you will need to prepare for a boss fight. Remember there are save tapes next to you. If not used, they will appear in your item box later. I suggest reading the next section about the upcoming battle. Mia Boss Fight After going up the lowered stairs, go into the right room and grab the gun, ammo, and health. Go into the main attic area and grab all the ammo. Go into the next room on the right for ammo and another First Aid Med in the corner on the floor near the door. You should have 2 Meds and 27 total bullets. Go save your game with one of the cassettes. To trigger the fight, start going up the ladder in the attic, but quickly back away. Use the strong attack of your axe when she drops down. Aim for the head. Do this a few times, then start circling through the doors shooting her face and running a lot. Never be in a situation where she's charging and you're reloading. By blocking, you can actually stop her charge attack. It's her other attacks that you need to avoid by running. After defeating her you will progress to the main house. Main House This is where you get to see most of the real changes. After breaking loose of the chair, you will have a GAME SAVE. Grab Coin 2 that is in a vase in the living room on the entertaining stand. In the hallway when Jack arrives, before we could just run around him, grab the keys, and jet back to the hatch to escape. Jack must have new shoes this go around, because he is twice as fast and can easily outrun you. You will need to trigger him, then run back. This is a fairly difficult part, where you need to hide and run around corners to avoid him. Grab the key (where he appeared, on the stand). Now get back to where the kitchen is and unlock the hatch that's in the next room. Likely he'll have broken the wall so you have a different path. Once you have succeeded and are in the safe room, take a breather. Your item box should have the Saw and the Albert handgun. Grab the X-Ray glasses too. Collect everything you can, and then put the items you don't need into the item box. Talk to the cop when he shows up (run to the Ox double doors and back). He will give you a pocket knife. Don't toss it in the item box just yet, you'll need it to enter the garage. Go down to the garage. Garage - Jack Confrontation Have the circular saw? Just hold both triggers. He will just get stunned over and over. He will get in the car, but keep on him and he'll be dead in no time. If you do not have the saw, you will have to grab the lock pick that is to the left of the garage door. Then by the ladder, there is an orange box that has the keys inside. You can then run him over and battle him the normal way.
  18. Madhouse Difficulty This mode is unlocked after beating the game once. It makes several changes to the game, yet to me it still felt like the same game just more difficult. You'll be crafting more, healing more, and saving less. This guide assumes you have beaten the game at least once, and really is directed more to those who have unlocked the X-Ray Glasses and Circular Saw weapon. This means you will have a great understanding of navigating the environments. Here are some of the changes: The game will not auto save as frequently There are more enemies, and they appear in new locations Enemies are faster Items are in different locations sometimes, and there are fewer of them A new cassette tape item is required for saving in save rooms. You cannot save without them, and they are limited It's not as bad as you think. It's somewhat annoying how easily you can die, but after playing through it twice and unlocking awesome items, you'll likely have only a few places that cause you a few retries. There's plenty of items to keep you alive. Things to consider doing Use Circular saw, X-Ray Glasses, and Albert gun Make sure you have the M-21 Shotgun (repair kit needed), don't bother with the other one Save your grenade launcher ammo. 2 for each hard fight is best. Fights I consider needing it: Fat Molded elevator fight, Mutated Jack (for 2nd phase), molded in salt mines, and for final boss encounter. Neuro rounds work okay against fat molded if you have them, as it allows you some time to reload. Auto saves rarely happen. Do not count on them, save when you have made a lot of progress. Always use a different save file. Save all Magnum bullets for Mutated Jack. It's the only place I used this weapon. For bird cages, unlock everything except stabilizer (you won't have enough coins, so do not waste any on this). Kill almost every molded you can with the saw. You need lots of ammo to defeat Mutated Jack at the boathouse. Overall, you'll figure this all out on your own very soon. These are just some quick tips to keep in mind. It's not the perfect way to do it (for sure) but it's how I did it without any help. Unless of course, you call the circular saw help. Are you ready?
  19. Point of no returns -After guest house -Mid Test Area. Once you get to the barn area, it's a good idea to grab anything you haven't already obtained. -The ship is kind of confusing because it's basically like real time, video, then real time again. I'd just make sure you got everything as you go there. Once you fix the elevator and continue on, that's basically the end point there. -Everything after gets a bit linear. You can backtrack, but there is not much to explore. No rooms really (you're in a mine). If you really want to collect the stuff more naturally, complete the game within 4 hours and you'll get X-Ray glasses. It's like always having those psycho pills activated. I think it has better range too. It spots the coins and Mr Everywhere bobble heads quite easily.
  20. Oh I'm just seeing that now. Thanks, I'll get that changed when I get home
  21. Madhouse Coin 23 When you get to the barn area hallway, you'll see a room before actually entering the barn. It's full of hard to see explosives. After destroying them, grab the coin that's in the drawer. There's steroids here too. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin23_zpsllydy6mb.jpg Madhouse Coin 24 After finishing off the 2 fat molded in the test area, go up the elevator. Continue past the body and you'll see this next to the stairs switch. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin24_zps4lcbjhxn.jpg WRECKED SHIP Madhouse Coin 25 Floor 1 Once at the Wrecked Ship, run through the linear area until you go up steps and the little girl runs off. You should go right, then right through double white doors. The wash/dryer machine on the bottom end will have the coin inside of it. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin25_zps6rclcgbx.jpg Madhouse Coin 26 Floor 4 Opposite of the Captain's Cabin, you'll see some lockers. Follow the path to some stairs, which lead to the coin. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin26_zpsusftxcrq.jpg Madhouse Coin 27 Floor 2 There is a save room on the West side hallway. In that same hallway, is a small table against the wall that has the coin on top. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin27_zps16jfnf0j.jpg Madhouse Coin 28 Floor 2 In the Break Room (connected to Dining Room), you'll find a cart with a vase. Examine the vase to find the coin inside. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin28_zpsp1ljtssg.jpg Madhouse Coin 29 Floor 3 After using the corrosive on the door in the control room, continue forward following the wrecked ship hallway. In the right corner at the end, you'll find the coin. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin29_zpsvat2x6c6.jpg Madhouse Coin 30 Floor S2 Once you reach this floor, walk until you see a greenish cabinet. Exit to the hallway, and the coin will be on the floor to your immediate right. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin30_zpsavyrbrsl.jpg Madhouse Coin 31 Floor S2- Corrosive Required After the engine room (where the fat molded spawns), you'll come to a hallway with a lock box. Use a corrosive to open it. There is a coin inside. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin31_zpsvfhybvuf.jpg Madhouse Coin 32 Floor S2 - Back as Ethan After the scene plays out where you take control as Ethan again, go through the next hallway. In the room with the fence, you'll see a desk with a hard hat and a coin. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin32_zpscfozlkhn.jpg SWAMP Madhouse Coin 33 When you reach the swamp, you'll go under a log then hop over another. Keep to the right and on the land near the water, you'll the last coin. This completes all collectibles in the game, if you've been following the guide! http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin33_zpsthdpjcrj.jpg
  22. OLD HOUSE Madhouse Coin 12 Once at the Old House, go through the living room to the right and into the dining room ahead. To the right is a door that leads outside, and once you get outside, look left. The coin is below the window. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin12_zps4i2mtwao.jpg Madhouse Coin 13 Once at the Gallery area of the Old House (first floor), go to the projected light. The messy desk next to it houses the coin. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin13_zpsdp0vzdob.jpg Madhouse Coin 14 After completing the shadow puzzle (the spider), you will squeeze through a gap in the wall. As soon as you exit, look to your left. It will be on the edge. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin14_zpswripuzhl.jpg Madhouse Coin 15 Once you have opened the Crow door and finished the phone conversation after finding serum ingredients, go left to the next area where there is a missing lantern (need it to unlock the door). In the corner of the room is a dresser with the coin inside the top drawer. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin15_zpssetv716g.jpg Madhouse Coin 16 When Marguerite crawls away through the tunnel, follow her. Go up the ladder and you'll see the coin on the metal box attached to the pole. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin16_zps4rnx9v8f.jpg GREENHOUSE Madhouse Coin 17 After defeating Marguerite, the front door will unlock (on the first floor). Head there and you'll find the coin on the green desk before you exit. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin17_zpswu4aymts.jpg MAIN HOUSE Madhouse Coin 18 Back in the Main House, you will need the crow key. The door is in the same room as the deer which is in the drawing room. The Supplies area can now be accessed. You'll find the coin inside. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin18_zpsoajg3pbn.jpg Madhouse Coin 19 After obtaining the snake key, you'll need to find key cards. One of the snake keys unlocks the kid's room. After pressing the red button on the lamp, go up the ladder and look to your right to spot the coin and other items. This is a good point in the game to make sure you have obtained all previous coins. You should be at 19/33 when entering the test area. You can still progress a decent amount of the test area and have the ability to turn around, but it's a long run. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin19_zpsfoln29cm.jpg TEST AREA Madhouse Coin 20 After using the key cards to enter the test area, Head to the TV that you're supposed to watch, and grab the coin behind it. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin20_zpsexq9b2tw.jpg Madhouse Coin 21 As you make your way through the test area, you'll be in a 2nd room with traps. Open the next door and you'll see a crate in the hallway. To your left, there is a coin in the dark area http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin21_zpsquabwsf9.jpg Madhouse Coin 22 Shortly after, you'll see a door to your left and a hallway that leads to a dead end. This dead end has the coin. Caution: Forgetting this coin could be a disaster. Once you progress far enough, you'll be lowering a staircase. Even though you have access to the button still, it doesn't raise the stairs back. This blocks the coin. http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd355/tygrt7/MadCoin22_zpsyes0jypb.jpg
  23. After madhouse and speed run it should be easy to do it by itself Yeah some are just unlocked without game notification. Slash however unlocked easily. Not sure why some are having difficulty
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