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  1. Added Burial At Sea Episode 1 Locations: http://www.mlwgames.com/bioshock-infinite/burial-at-sea-episode-1
  2. Hmm? Yeah it was finished a couple of days after release. All the videos still seem to work too (although I didn't bother to video the Gear locations). (Late reply due to a vacation.)
  3. The good thing about xbox360a is you can choose whichever one you find is best for you!
  4. Added 35 gear locations to the guide. Mostly easy to find, but can be helpful for 1999.
  5. Hey. Thanks! Not actually for Batman, but yeah, done interactive guides in the past for quite a few games.
  6. When you first meet the twins, if you stand near them for a while they keep talking, like in most games. Eventually she says something like "You better get going or I'll have to start repeating myself". A nice reference to other games having repeating dialog.
  7. Thanks. Aww, this is the only collectibles guide not stickied. I guess because it's an external link.
  8. Started to add the boxes of Gear to the list. Having trouble remembering, so if anyone knows of any, would be helpful!
  9. Hey. Made a guide after Dishonored release, never actually posted it here. - Individual videos for Safes and Paintings - Mobile / tablet friendly - List of Runes and Charms http://www.mlwgames.com/dishonored/ Maybe it will be of some help to those who prefer step by step.
  10. Would have normally done this (my previous and newer guides do have that function), at the time didn't quite have the time to do it.
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