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  1. Yea i remember seeing that, thanks again and im glad you enjoy the tunes! I also started a Photo Music Album on Tumblr if you want to check it out. Exclusive songs on their every month. Tumblr: http://headshadows.tumblr.com/
  2. I make Experimental Ambient/IDM Trip-Hop using a mix of Analog and Digital equipment. I hope enjoy! Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/head-shadows Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Headshadows Bandcamp: (Personal) http://eva-music.bandcamp.com/ (Label) http://dontlivelikeme.bandcamp.com/album/dekuism
  3. kozydude

    :// Dekuism //:

    Big things happening today but i just wanted to start by saying thanks to anyone that checked out my music, it helps keep me motivated and putting out more work knowing that some people care about this type of music. I have not received any feedback for my other albums, so if anyone has any thoughts, even if you hate it, i would love to hear your opinion! I will leave links below to my tunes for those who have not heard them yet. So once again, could not be more grateful for all of the plays i have been getting so far and i hope you guys enjoy my future, present, and past releases! Now for the big things: I have recently gotten myself onto a indie label called Don't Live Like Me Records, they usually release Experimental Hardcore and Punk Rock music but i am the first to release an Experimental Electronic album on their label thanks to my friends band Sink Tapes. They just put out my new album for free on their site and i just put in my order of Custom Cassettes (Each one his hand painted) for release later this month, so be on the lookout for that since they will be limited. I will be taking a break from personal releases till next year to work on my next album for release on this label, which will be released on Vinyl and Cassette. So in the mean time, check out Dekuism and as i said above: Leave some feedback if you have the time and I hope you enjoy! Dekuism: http://dontlivelikeme.bandcamp.com/album/dekuism Personal Releases: http://eva-music.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Headshadows Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/head-shadows
  4. Before they nerfed it on PC, Exploding Palm and Lashing Tail Kick where pretty sweet. Seems back to the way it was on the Console version.
  5. Ahh ok, that makes sense. Thanks guys, for clearing that up!
  6. Ok, thanks for answering my question. Very informative But if i am in the inventory menu and compare a shield that doesn't have any magic stats on it (Increase Attk. speed, Extra XP, Etc.) to a weapon, wouldn't it show that the weapon has higher damage than the shield since shields are defensive only, unless they have attack speed or strength stats on them? Not a huge problem to me, just gets annoying when i see a shield that says it has better attack than my main/off hand weapon.
  7. Like everyone has said above, you should start with Joe Kelly's Deadpool spin off that pretty much defines the character. Than you will want to move to Cable & Deadpool, and then Merc With A Mouth. You can also read Marvel Zombies 3 for the prequel to Merc With A Mouth and Deadpool Pulp, but i would stick with the first three suggestions. Hope you enjoy!
  8. I noticed while playing the console version, that the monk class seems to have better stats with a main hand weapon and shield rather than duel wielding weapons. I have finally found a off hand weapon that was better than the shields, but i thought it was weird that shields where adding better attack stats than most of the weapons i was finding. I have played the PC version as well, and i never had this happen. Anyone else think this is weird?
  9. I am only a lvl15 and i saw it 3 times, i was playing with the same 3 people all night so i don't know if that increases the chances of it showing up or not. I have yet to seen it during offline play.
  10. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?p=34747070 This was the only info i could find after Google searching and browsing Steam forums. So far no one has gotten it, but it is rumored that it for "Rare" loot drops. I am assuming masks that are hard to get or maybe a weapon that you wont unlock until you meet the reputation level.
  11. I have seen a couple of postings about how it is just a rare loot drop, but no one as seemed to grab one yet. Anyone happen to get that card during their payday?
  12. Yea i have been told that this shipment is for pre orders only, but you can probably find a copy in target or walmart for sure.
  13. Glad to see i am not the only one in NA that got screwed. I imagine it is due to the publishers giving a release date so late, they only announced them last week during the beta. Gamestop told me tomorrow, but i keep seeing posted about thursday and friday as well. According to the post, they did say it would arrive on consoles between 13th and 16th, so i dont blame them for giving it a release window rather than a set release date for consoles in NA and Europe.
  14. If you would like, you can start another post about how i should learn to multi-quote instead of posting in a thread that has nothing to do with learning how to multi-quote.
  15. was really looking forward to this release as well, i hope it gets a 360 or at least a PS4 release for those that are buying that.
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