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  1. Working perfectly now, cheers Pants 👍
  2. My list hasn't updated since the 17th either
  3. GT: Grey Delta Game: Modern Warfare so my friend can play with me
  4. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  5. GT: Grey Delta Game: Anthem if possible, Hitman 2 otherwise First one of these I've entered in months, I keep forgetting D:
  6. Managed to get out by running like a bitch in the sewers now, what a fantastic game. I've let out little screams multiple times, the Tyrant is a menacing presence, it all looks so gorgeous.
  7. I'm currently hiding in a safe room with 2 Lickers and the Tyrant walking around outside with 2 shotgun shells and 7 pistol rounds to my name. I do not intend to ever leave This game has me bricking myself and it's amazing
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